How to cure vocal folds swelling?

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Hello doctor, I am suffering from vocal folds swelling ... Vocal cord swelling may be due to various causes like respiratory tract infection, gastric reflux, voice abuse, etc … View thread

How to get rid of teacher's nodules?

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Teacher's nodules (vocal cord nodules) occur in teachers, singers and children due to vocal trauma ... This is used to treat acid problem and it also have a role in vocal nodule … View thread

My wife has swelling and pain on her toe. Does she require surgery?

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Hello doctor,My wife has swelling and pain on her toe (pictures attached) ... This reduces pain and swellingView thread

Dermatitis - a Distressing Disease

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Seborrheic Dermatitis: There is an excessive sebum secretion in this type of eczema presenting with scaly, itchy lesions over the scalp, nasolabial folds, sternal areas and body folds ... Acute Phase: In acute phase, there will be erythema or redness, edema or swelling, vesiculation or fluid filled lesions, discharge and crusting … View thread

Candidiasis and Its Spectrum of Manifestation

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It flourishes in the warmth and moisture provided by the body-folds, damaged nail cuticle due to prolonged contact with soap and water, altered vaginal pH, neonates, infants, malnourished, debilitated and the immunocompromised (HIV infection, diabetes mellitus, leukemia, steroid or immunosuppressive therapy) individuals ... Nails - Paronychia: Redness, swelling and tenderness in the paronychial area … View thread

I had a swelling in my chest, which moved to my abdomen, groin and ankle. What should I do?

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Two months ago, I noticed what felt like a swelling in my chest ... Over a week, the swelling moved into my abdomen … View thread

A hive spot in my thigh is consistent. What treatment would you recommend?

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You could also take a note of the emergency measures need in case you tend to have a severe episode with swelling of lips and face … View thread

How to prevent frequent episodes of tonsillitis?

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I had Azithromycin, Erythromycin, Penicillin and Clavamax but the swelling of the tonsil and the glands did not go down ... This resulted in episodes once a while leading to throat pain, difficulty in swallowing, ear ache, neck swelling, fever, etc … View thread

Why do I have severe pain in my leg?

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Is there any fever or any swelling of the limb ... The possibilities for pain are as follows: Deep vein thrombosis, where the pain will be more and associated swelling and fever may be present … View thread

Why do I have a bloody spot near the back of my throat?

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These need to be used only for three days to remove swelling, congestion, and edema … View thread