Urticaria - a Frequently Occurring Skin Disease

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In case of hives, a local increase of the permeability of the capillaries and small venules result in transient, erythematous or edematous swelling of the dermis or subcutaneous tissues … View thread

Should I seek medical attention for discoloration in mouth?

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Regarding tongue swelling, it is tongue blister most likely due to local irritation and very less likely, but herpes could also present like this (attachment removed to protect patient identity) … View thread

From the photos, kindly tell me if the fibroma on my soft palate is cancerous.

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Other associations may be discharge, pain in the area, lymph node swelling in the drainage area, etc … View thread

Why do I feel like water and liquid food get diffused outside my digestive tract?

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My left testicle got a swelling ... By those tablets, the swelling of testicles was gone, but other problems were still there … View thread

What could be the white spot on my tonsil?

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... tonsil, there are many crypts. Those white spots are food particles that get trapped inside the crypts and are usually foul smelling. I suggest you take painkillers ... … View thread

Do I have a loose tooth sensation or is my tooth actually loose?

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The sensation you are feeling could be due to a number of reasons like less space for the tooth to be in position (crowding), excessive force from the opposing teeth (trauma from occlusion) which leads to swelling of the structures supporting the tooth, an infection to the minute fibers which holds the tooth in position or certain habits (grinding) … View thread

What treatment will help for discolored skin and red circles in inner thigh?

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Along with this, apply Calamine lotion once or twice a day to prevent friction between skin folds and also wear pure cotton underclothes to avoid sweating and irritation … View thread

The Manifestation of Ringworm Infection and Its Treatment

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Notably, the body folds like armpits, groins, loins, the sites of daily tight fastening of garments, etc … View thread

Plantar Fasciitis

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Overuse of the foot even after developing signs of plantar fasciitis can cause the plantar fascia to rupture, which may result in local swelling, acute sole pain, and clicking or snapping sound … View thread

Ringworm Infections

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... detail the preventive measures for ringworm infections ... … View thread