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Paediatrics, Lactation Counselor
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User Feedbacks

Dr. Prerna Jain

"Thank you so much Dr. Prerna for answering so quickly! I feel 90% better about all of this now. I'll be sure to ask the orthodontist about the teeth in the front but am feeling more confident about it now."

– Lori, Ceres, United States.

Dr. Bharat Patodiya

"Thank you, the internet is a dangerous place when it comes to this subject and information, as you well know, hearing from a real doctor is VERY much appreciated!"

– Tod, Denver, United States.

Dr. Ramesh Kumar S

"Totally Outstanding Response by Dr. Ramesh Kumar! He is clearly a highly knowledgeable, accomplished and credentialed specialist physician. Dr. Kumar put forward a very complete medical approach to be followed. His response was almost immediate and since I was worried before Dr. Kumar's response, I'm grateful for the speed. This response from Dr. Kumar totally exceeds expectaions.
Thank you , Dr. Kumar
and thank you icliniq :)"

– Jeff, Chicago, United States.