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Over 50,000 high-intent

health content pieces

to advertise on

iCliniq’s health content is original, medically reviewed,

impactful and engages high-intent users.

We update our content regularly after

thorough research to provide our users with

the latest information available.

millon reach
A quick stat

More than 700,000 patients uniquely engage with iCliniq every month.

New York - 42,411
California - 63,617
Washington - 58,669
Texas - 89,064
Florida - 38,877
Rest of the U.S. - 414,217

On a yearly basis, we are looking at over 8,000,000 unique engagements.

Content TYPE

Health Articles

These are well-researched and medically reviewed
health articles written on trending health topics,
medical conditions, drugs, and more.

Articles on rare diseases are constantly being written and published.

The process behind publishing Health Articles

Content TYPE

Telehealth Q&As

These are real, text conversations between doctors and
patients on iCliniq discussing symptoms, treatment
options, prevention, and more.

Conversations on rare diseases have also been curated and published.

The process behind publishing Telehealth Q&As

The most flexible ad solutions

in the healthcare industry

Place your ads on our:

  • Health Articles
  • Telehealth Q&As
  • Health Tools
  • Asynchronous consultation waiting rooms
  • Synchronous consultation waiting rooms

Banner & video
ads are supported

Place ads on persona-based
newsletters that are sent twice a
week to users throughout the US.


We currently employ these ad sizes:

However, we will be able to support all sizes recommended by the IAB Tech Lab

iCliniq’s Medical Review Team

iCliniq Medical Review Team has expert physicians who carefully manage all content posted on the site, ensuring that the medical information we provide is precise, authentic, reliable, and up-to-date. We have active doctors from all medical specialties who curate and review any content that gets published.

In a constantly evolving medical landscape where new drugs are added, guidelines are modified, and medical breakthroughs occur frequently, our team remains vigilant in keeping all old and new content on iCliniq current and reviewed.

iCliniq’s Editorial Process

With a plethora of health and wellness pieces available online, finding trustworthy content is certainly a challenge. Our team strives to make it easier for our users to access reliable health information that is also easy to understand. iCliniq’s health articles cover a broad range of topics, from specific conditions and endemic diseases to fitness and preventive medicine. Furthermore, we strongly believe mental health is just as critical as physical health, and hence we address both aspects of well-being in our content.

Protecting our patients' privacy is a top priority at iCliniq. We are compliant with GDPR and HIPAA regulations, which safeguard personal information from unauthorized access and regulate its transfer over the Internet.

The data on the page has been accumulated from various sources including Google Analytics

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