About iCliniq – The Virtual Hospital

iCliniq is an online doctor consultation platform where users can get medical advice from doctors. We provide various channels to contact our doctors such as posting as a health query or booking a slot for real-time face-to-face consultation over HD video and phone (it will be a private/secure call back). One can use our service to consult with highly qualified physicians at the comfort of your home.

"Our virtual online medical help service provides the ultimate convenience and premier health care. When a doctor provides a quick medical advice online, he/she will be helping a patient who may otherwise have had to visit the emergency room."

Our doctor panel consists of medical practitioners, physicians and therapists from US, UK, UAE, India, Singapore, Germany and counting...

iCliniq upholds the highest standards when approving physicians to practise in the online doctor consultation service. We stringently verify our online doctors to ensure they are fully licensed so that the care we provide will always be of the highest quality. Our goal is to provide the highest caliber of online healthcare and to offer a unique service where any patient can receive consultation with any doctors irrespective of their geographical location. We are adding new doctors by the day.

Team-icliniq is committed to provide the best services in online healthcare. "Prevention is better than cure" is an old adage. Icliniq's vision is to ensure that all its users are rightly informed about their potential health issues and that the Doctor team at icliniq helps the users with prevention.

Privacy and security are paramount at icliniq. Every one at team-icliniq strictly follows the thumb rule that under no circumstances the identity of icliniq's users are revealed.

icliniq.com is brought to you by Orane Healthcare India Private Limited. Team-icliniq consists of eminent doctors, researchers and programmers who work round the clock to innovate, create and implement the best web technologies for the use of doctors, users and hospitals.

Your requirement being whether to ask a doctor about a pressing health concern or consult a psychiatrist online (for an online psychotherapy & counseling help), our service offers the perfect solution. Get an online doctor consultation today and ask the doctor any question you may have.