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Online doctor consultations on a high post demonetisation
FranchiseIndia - 22.Nov.2016

A lot of money is saved on travel potentially saving cash and digital money as well. Almost 80 percent of health issues can be solved online and online doctor consultation is mitigation to real time treatment. ... read more »

With iCliniq, take a virtual step into the doctor’s clinic

iCliniq offers consultation over messaging apps Telegram and Slack via voice/video calls and messages ... read more »

With iCliniq, consulting international doctors is just a click away

iCliniq currently offers consultation over chat/message, voice call and video call with an user base comprising 1,500 doctors, 1,45,000 patients and spanning over 160 countries ... read more »

iCliniq: The virtual hospital
BTVi - 25.Oct.2016

Telemedicine market is growing at a CAGR of over 20%. It’s currently pegged at 15 Million Dollars - while the global size of the telemedicine market stands at 10 billion dollars. And our Rising Star today has seen the possibilities since 2012 when the venture iCliniq was set up. Vikram Oza of BTVi speaks with Dhruv Suyamprakasam, Founder at iCliniq. ... read more »

iCliniq in talks to raise Rs25 crore from private equity investors
LIVE MINT - 18.Oct.2016

iCliniq plans to use the proceeds to fund an acquisition and invest in artificial intelligence technology ... read more »

Virtual healthcare gains ground in Hyderabad
THE TIMES OF INDIA - 15.Oct.2016

City residents are increasingly accessing healthcare solutions on their phones and emails, with several virtual options being made available by companies. ... read more »

Can online doctor consultation be an alternative to real time treatment?
WELLNESS INDIA - 20.Sep.2016

At iCliniq, we have observed that 80 per cent of health issues can be solved online. But the challenge is that doctors cannot touch or feel a patient like an in-person visit. There has to be a process to cure patients online. We are proud of the fact that we are first to have a quality assurance team (comprises of doctors and data scientists) and the first to devise such a process. It took almost 3000 interactions for our team to devise the process. ... read more »

Online Health Start-Ups E-Connect Patients, Doctors Across the World
NDTV - 11.Sep.2016

Armed with technology, young start-up firms offering health services online are challenging taboos associated with many bodily and mental ailments and bridging the digital divide by tele-connecting people in small towns to doctors in big cities. ... read more »

Telemedicine start-up iCliniq to raise funds for technology development
BusinessLine - 05.Aug.2016

This three-year-old start-up is now gearing up to raise funds to support its technology development. Founder-promoter Suyamprakasam told BusinessLine that the requirement would be of the order of $5-6 million to enhance use of technology and build Smart Doctor, a product the company is all set to patent. ... read more »

Online doctor consultation platform, iCliniq ties-up with DICOM Grid Digital Radiology
THE HINDU - 26.Jul.2016

iCliniq, a leading online doctor consultation platform has announced a partnership with DICOM Grid, a healthcare SaaS company dedicated to making digital medical image management accessible to everyone, from anywhere in the world ... read more »