Q. Can I take Agathiyar Kuzhambu for kapha vata imbalance?

Answered by Dr. Arul Amuthan and medically reviewed by Dr. Divya Banu M


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Hello doctor,

I have been told that I have a kapha vata imbalance and I have taken vasthi (Panchakarma) procedure. But I still have white coating on tongue and my digestion is weak and. And if I do not eat, I feel weak and nervous. If I eat, I get indigestion. Will Agathiyar Kuzhambu help me?

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Dr. Arul Amuthan
Ayurveda Specialist, Naturopathy, Pharmacology, Siddha Medicine, Toxicology


Welcome to icliniq.com.

Vasthi reduces vatha imbalance. But, this is not the final treatment. After the purification (detoxifying) therapy, further, follow up with herbal drugs needs to be taken based on your current clinical feature and naadi.

Agasthiyar Kuzambu is given once in four months for a normal individual to detoxify body. For any specific disease conditions, it is given more frequently with suitable Anupanam. It can be given to you after careful examination. Can you consult nearby Siddha doctor? After Agasthiyar Kuzhambu, further herbal medicines need to be continued for 2 to 3 months for better benefit. We need to see directly whether it is a fungal infection.

In your case, I feel, you may take Nannaari Manappaagu (syrup) one spoon mixed with water (morning, afternoon, evening) before each meal. This will remove your tongue coating.

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