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Q. I keep thinking about when will I die. I am stressed to the core. Please help.


Hello doctor,

From the last year, I have been suffering fromheadache, but I neglected it. For the last one month, it has been increasing day by day. Six months back, I consulted a doctor and did an MRI scan and he told that there is nothing to worry. I think the reason is heavy thinking. Because, one night I got a panic attack before which I was a normal person but, then onwards heavy thinking started. I got scared as it is coming again and now I have started comparing with others. I feel I think different and crazy thoughts come to my mind. I cannot stop the thoughts like "when will I die?" I want go to work, but due to this stress, I am not able to. Why is my health like this? Please suggest what should I do to come out of that stress.

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Dr. K V Anand
Psychiatry, Psychologist/ Counsellor, Sexology


Welcome to icliniq.com.

I can understand your situation. For you, this trouble could be heartbreaking. You need to understand what is anxiety and what is a panic attack. Anxiety is the body's natural defence mechanism. Without anxiety and related reflex action, our body cannot function properly. Your panic attack is based on an underlying anxiety disorder. You need to know what is your anxiety disorder. If you provide more details, I will be able to diagnose your proper basic underlying anxiety.

You are worried about the panic attack symptoms. You are worried whether the same symptoms will come again. This also is natural. Every one will do so. But, there is nothing to worry.

The repeated thinking here actually is expecting the panic attack and that is called obsession. Obsession brings anxiety and apprehension.You need to read a lot of articles about anxiety and panic attacks. Understanding them will ease your doubts.

As a treatment measure, I will suggest rigorous exercise, engaging yourself in creative activities, engaging in hobbies, always being with friends or family members, concentrate more on education or career, etc.

Take care.

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