Q. Is nebulization advisable for a baby suffering from frequent cold, cough, and fever?

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Published on Feb 19, 2019

Hello doctor,

My daughter is 1 year and 10 months old and is suffering from severe cough and cold. She also had some kind of cough and cold since 15 to 20 days and after a dose of Azitral for five days she got cured. Now again she has caught cough mainly dry cough. in the night situation became worse and could not sleep the whole night due to severe dry cough. Now the doctor has adviced Augmentin duo syrup 5 ml per day for five days. Really disturbed by her reproductive dry cough. Do frequent medication harm her internally? Should we use nebulization? Is that better than antibiotics? She is taking Ascoril LS syrup. She does not have any breathing difficulty, only dry cough with fever (100 F).

Dr. Suresh Kumar G D

Child Health Paediatrics Psychiatry


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I note that your daughter is having a second episode of cough and cold within 15 to 20 days. Cough is quite common and tends to be more noticeable at night. Many children suffer during seasonal changes. Your doctor may have prescribed Augmentin Duo (antibiotic) to treat any underlying infection. Kindly complete the course of antibiotics as recommended. Usually, there are no long term side effects. Ascoril-LS sometimes helps in managing cough but cough remedies are not always able to relieve cough. They are commonly used but not recommended in this age group. Does your daughter wheeze as well? Your doctor will be able to check by listening to her chest during the examination. If there is significant wheeze, nebulization can be considered.

Other tips for managing cough and cold are as follows. Give her frequent sips of warm water. It will hydrate her. Make her sleep reclining with head in a slightly higher position. You can make her sleep in your shoulder if she is more comfortable. You can try saline nasal drops, especially before feeds. Ensure that the room is clean and has adequate ventilation. (No smoking, no pets). If the cough does not get better with a week, kindly see your pediatrician again to review your daughter.

Thank you doctor,

She wheezes but the sound is not so loud and mainly in the night time. Any alternative cough syrup which is more effective than Ascoril?

Dr. Suresh Kumar G D

Child Health Paediatrics Psychiatry


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Ascoril LS is good in this situation. There are other options like Ambrolite Levo syrup but it has the same medicines in it. So no point in changing to another syrup. Usually, cough syrups are tried to provide symptomatic relief and are a mixture containing an expectorant, mucolytic and antihistamines. For your daughter, the cough syrup also contains a bronchodilator (Levosalbutamol) to help her breathe better and manage the wheeze. If wheeze and cough are troublesome, Monticope syrup can be helpful. If wheeze is recurrent and present even after cold has subsided, she may need a regular bronchodilator inhaler with a spacer to manage wheeze. Any family history of asthma and allergy may be relevant.

I will recommend a review with your pediatrician locally to examine your child, assess her symptoms and make changes as needed. Meanwhile, as I mentioned earlier, give her frequent sips of warm water, make her sleep reclining with head in a slightly higher position for additional symptomatic relief.

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