Q. Which are the best medicines to reduce blood sugar?

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Dr. Krutika Ingle Karandikar
and medically reviewed by Dr. Divya Banu M
Published on Apr 17, 2019

Hello doctor,

My wife aged 52 have type 2 diabetes according to doctors and is undergoing treatment. Diabetes started a year back and she is taking the following medicines. Janumet 50 mg/1000 mg one tablet in the morning and one at night. Neurobion tablet Vitamin B group (B1, B6, B12) one tablet in the morning.

Her sugar level always in fasting reaches 127 to 130 and after food level is fine which is less than 180. Recently we consulted a doctor and replaced the tablet as below mentioned.

Isryl- M2 one tablet in the morning and night one before food. Neurobion B complex tablet one in the morning, Calcium DailyCal one tablet in the morning. After taking the new medicines the blood sugar level has increased from 150 to 160 in fasting. We did a blood test a month back and the sugar level in fasting is 127. Also, the HbA1c result is 7.9 %. Average blood sugar level is 179 mg%. Please advise if the dosage has to be increased with a new medicine or a new replacement required. Kindly advice if required new medicine.



Welcome to icliniq.com.

I think the dosage is less for complete control of the sugar levels. Let her take one tablet at morning and 1.5 tablets at night and let me know her sugar levels. This new medicine has less dosage in comparison to the one she was taking earlier. Hence it must have lead to changes in her blood sugars.

Also, I would like to ask if she is following a diabetic diet and does she exercise regularly? It is equally important as her medicines and would also make the medicines more effective. Let me know her readings post this change. So I can advise accordingly further ahead.

Hi doctor,

Thank you for response and advise received. Yes, will increase the dosage to 1.5 lsryl M2 2 mg Glimepiride. The 500 mg Me (60) is a new tablet mentioned 1-0-1 for seven days? She is not taking diet food and not having sugar or eating sweets, etc.



Welcome back to icliniq.com.

No. I could not edit the dosage to 1-0-1.5, hence had to add it as 1-0-1. At present no new medicine needs to be added. Let me know her sugars tomorrow after changing dose tonight. I have added some of the general recommendations. Let her follow them as well. General tips and the right diet (diabetes).

Regular meal times for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (three meals and two snacks in between). Avoid fried and junk food. You can include the following food in your diet:

Whole cereals (wheat, multigrain and whole wheat bread), whole pulses and dals like moong, matki, channa, rajma, soya bean), green leafy vegetables at least three times a week. Fresh fruits like papaya, apples, pears, watermelons, orange, etc. Low-fat dairy products, fish, chicken and egg white. Nuts like almonds, peanuts, and walnuts. Soups, buttermilk and lime juice prepared at home without sugar.

You must avoid bakery products and sweets. Red meat and organ meats, egg yolk, white bread, and white rice. High starch products like potatoes, red pumpkin, sago, sweet potato. Fruits like pineapple, mangoes, custard apples, and grapes. Try and exercise (even brisk walking will do) for at least 30 minutes for five days a week. Eliminate sugar and sugar products from the diet. No sugar-free or jaggery as well.

Remember, moderation is the answer. There is no harm in indulging in something you like, once in a while, in a small amount.

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