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Will wrong chiropractic massages result in stomach issues, heartburn and nausea?

Query: Hello doctor, Can chiropractic massages cause stomach issues? I was squeezed around the ribs by a friend of mine 10 years ago, and ever since then, I have developed stomach issues as far as excessive gas, nausea, and heartburn. I recently moved to other places with my partner, and I started seeing ...  Read Full »

Dr. Ajeet Kumar Lohana

Medical Gastroenterologist

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I can understand your problem and the reason for your anxiety. Well, the symptoms you mention seem to be due to gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). And this needs to be treated with some medications and not only with chiropractor treatment. Well, I do not thi...  Read Full »

I have disc herniation pain. How can I cure it other than chiropractor treatment?

Query: Hello doctor,I am suffering from disc herniation pain. There is no good chiropractor near me. What other options do I have to cure my disc herniation?  Read Full »

Dr. Maan Singh Dhanjal Dc


Answer: Hello, Welcome to There are many different treatment options for your disc herniation. Physiotherapy, chiropractic care, physical therapy, and yoga are effective based treatment options. If these type of facilities are not available near you, you can also try anti-inflammatories and m...  Read Full »

I heard a crack in neck with sharp pain while stretching and unable to move my neck now. Why?

Query: Hello doctor,This morning I got up, and I went to the restroom. As I looked at myself in the mirror, I start to stretch, as soon as I stretch I heard a slight crack in my neck and sharp pain, after that I could not move it. What should I do?  Read Full »

Dr. James F Geiselman


Answer: Hello, Welcome to I have reviewed your question. I am sorry you are experiencing neck pain. Nearly 80 % of people will experience back pain at some point in their life. If your pain is muscle related, a hot bath may help loosen you up and give you some temporary relief. When you say t...  Read Full »

How to get rid of increasing back pain?

Query: I have been receiving heavy backbone pain for quite a days. Also I have been facing severe pain after maybe vacuuming the floor by tilting for quite a time. I used to sit all the time in a bad posture which I have been working on and its improving. Also these days, when the pain increased.. I have b...  Read Full »

Dr. Mohammed Wajid


Answer: Hi. Pain is considered chronic once it lasts for more than three months and exceeds the body’s natural healing process. Chronic pain in the low back often involves a disc problem, a joint problem, and/or an irritated nerve root. Common causes include: Lumbar herniated disc Degenerative d...  Read Full »

Are neck pain and toe numbness after tailbone injury serious?

Query: My 12 year old daughter was walking her dog tonight at about 8pm. The dog seen a cat and pulled my daughter to the ground my daughter hit her tailbone and is now talking about having pain in her neck and toes are in and out of being numb and tingling. Is this something i should be concerned about? O...  Read Full »

Dr. Mohammed Wajid


Answer: Hi, welcome to icliniq. there is nothing to worry about your daughter, its just minor jerk she got as she is just 12, yrs her weak muscles giving her the pain. Givet her Accelofenac+paracetamol tablet for three days or Paracetamol syrup twice a day for three days after food. Apply ice pack or Dic...  Read Full »

Is chiropractic adjustment recommended for lumbar thoracic pain?

Query: Hi doctor, Can you review my MRI findings?  Read Full »

Dr. Atul Prakash

Fitness Expert, Orthopaedician And Traumatologist, Physiotherapist, Spine Health Specialist

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I have seen the MRI (attachment removed to protect patient identity), but have no clinical information to go by and why this MRI was needed. Grossly, I can say there is good alignment of the spine, discs are not showing signs of bulging or prolapse. The ca...  Read Full »

What can be the cause of lower back pain while sitting or lying down in certain positions?

Query: I have a lot of lower back pain when im sitting or laying down only in certain positions. When I straighten my back out and try to stretch it, I get pain in my middle/lower back. I'm a gamer, I sit down pretzel style on my chair with my body leaning forward. Most comfortable position when playing ...  Read Full »

Dr. Mohammed Wajid


Answer: Hi, welcome to icliniq. Here you may be suffering with Disc bulge. Pain is considered chronic once it lasts for more than three months and exceeds the body’s natural healing process. Chronic pain in the low back often involves a disc problem, a joint problem, and/or an irritated nerve root. C...  Read Full »

What can cause pain and tenderness in the jaw, teeth sensitivity, and neck pain?

Query: Hi I have been getting pain and tenderness in my jaw and face area also sensitivity in my teeth pain pressure around my head / temples on top of my scalp painful / blocked ears , clicking when I open and close my mouth and pain in my shoulders and neck mainly the front of my neck just under chin all...  Read Full »

Dr. Sreenivasa Rao


Answer: Hi, I read your concern In my opinion you might have a Temperomandibular joint issue... That could have refffered pain all over. With upper neck stability issue.. I recommend you to kindly get checked with a physiotherapist properly diagnosed and paln the treatment. As of now I recommend you to d...  Read Full »

Can a chiropractor help with pain in the right arm, hip, and right foot?

Query: I have dull pain in my right arm when I make certain movements eg When swimming the Breast Stroke movement causes a deep dull pain when I stretch my right arm above my head again a dull pain and feel the pull on my inner arm head movement to the right is painful, at the back of my neck and just behi...  Read Full »

Dr. Radhika Kariya


Answer: hello mam welcome to icliniq your complain can completely manage by physiotehrapy only. pain in overhead activities suggest that muscles situated above the shoulder and side of neck region are weak. dull pain in perticular overhead activities can be managed by changing habits of performing work,...  Read Full »

Why does my jaw shift to the side when I open wide and close?

Query: Hi. I haven't really thought about it until now. I noticed that my jaw shifts, just a little to the side when I open wide and close. I would like to know if my jaw is misaligned or dislocated. I don't feel any pain, have no swelling, and I did not got into an accident recently. I did have a surgery ...  Read Full »

Dr. Mohammed Wajid


Answer: Hi, welcome to icliniq. Few exercises for jaw alignment and looking face beautifull. Neck curl. Collar bone backups. Tongue twister. Vowel sounds. Chin ups. While facial exercises can be very helpful in maintaining the neck and facial muscles and keeping the jawline sharper, they aren&rs...  Read Full »

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