Q. Please suggest diet plan for managing bloating and constipation.

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Hello doctor,

I am addressing this query to you regarding a long battle with bloating and constipation. Before proceeding, I would like to emphasize that this is very important to me as I have undergone several tests and I have been advised to consult a dietician or nutritionist to follow up my symptoms. I am doing this as in my country there are few, if any, nutritionists and dieticians. The only doubts that came out of previous examinations with gastroenterologist are IBS subtype C suspect. The bloating is the most frustrating thing that I have battled recently, even more than the anxiety disorder which I had a couple of years ago. I am active in gym and it has not made a lot of difference to my bloating issues in the past.

My blood examinations are totally fine with a slight elevation of cholesterol at 6.2. I am on Venlafaxine and have no other medications that I take. So lets jump to the question. I have recently undergone a wellbeing examination in a clinic, with the help of a follicle sample from my hair. I received the results, and found some pretty interesting feedback. It appears that I am intolerant to the following: β-Lactoglobulin at 87%, Chamomile tea at 91%, Earl grey tea at 92%, E211 (benzoic acid), E403 (alginate ammonium alginate) at 94%, E479 at 90%, E903 at 96%, Soya bean at 95%, Mango 100%, White sugar 97%, Berries at 84%, Rye at 98%, Olive oil at 96%, Indian saffron at 96%.

As a recommendation from the report from the clinic, I have been suggested a regime of 90 days of not eating for the following: Salmon, Berries, Cow Milk, Prawns, Mango, Potato, Cod, Clams.

I have also been recommended to increase the intake of K2 and D3 vitamin, as well as arachidonic acid and oleic acid. There is also a suggestion that I should increase the intake of amino acids like alanine, carnitine, phenylalanine and taurine. Finally it is recommended that I decrease the resistance of bacteria and fungi with different sources of food. For your information, I would like to mention that my body is very selective towards high fiber foods. Some of which, for example avocado, make my bloating worse and cause a very bad flatulence for hours.

After this lengthy description I would like to know what kind of diet should I follow? What do you recommend I should strictly take out of my diet? I have an addiction to chocolate. Is dark chocolate included in that list of ingredients or potentially harmful? Are cheese, yoghurt and other dairy products harmful as well? How about fruits and red wine? Are they also prone to bloating in my case? My word, I should be allowed to eat something for the sake of my soul. I would plead to whoever is at the end of this query to please come up with some recommendations on a specific list of foods based on the evidence above, as my bloating has made my life so frustrating. It is making my mood absolutely miserable.



Welcome to icliniq.com.

First, you shoud avoid chocolate, too much dairy product, and red wine. Take cereals, fruits, tender vegetables. You should take yogurt among dairy product. You can take roti, toasted bread, rice, oats, cornflakes, cereal product. Take apple, banana, pear, sweet grapes or fruits whatever you liked but taking after any meal. Take plenty of water. Sleep atleast 7 to 8 hours. Do meditation regularly. Avoid alcohol, spicy, oily, fast food. Take soaked fenugreek seed water in empty stomach at early morning.

Hi doctor,

Thank you for your reply. I would like to get more specific regarding a list of foods that I like and if I am allowed to eat them:

Regarding vegetables, I like cooked vegetables like broccoli, spinach, aubergine, mushrooms. Are they good for my diet? Is garlic allowed too for cooking in my diet? Regarding meat: I love chicken breast and beef. I also like fish, squid. I eat them a lot. I also like curry. Is that allowed? Or sauce like demi glace or any other sauce permitted? For breakfast, is omelette allowed? Poached or scrambled eggs?

For cooking, which oil is recommended for me? Corn oil? Soya oil? Is there a substitute for fenugreek water as in my country I cannot find ingredients to make it. What else can I get in empty stomach? I have also attached a picture of probiotics available to buy in my country. Do you recommend I try them? Should I also take Amino Acids supplements?



Welcome back to icliniq.om.

Yes, all of the above vegetables are good for you including garlic but sometimes broccoli and cabbage may produce gas. You should boil all the vegetable and rinse the water before cooking. Take green vegetables and fruits without skin. If you have a lactose, gluten intolerance should avoid milk product and wheat product. Instead of that should take soy milk.

You can take chicken breast (boiled with vegetables) but try to avoid beef while the symptom is worst. Not spicy curry are recommended. Yes, you can take fish (fresh water) and squid but not should be more spicy. Avoid all types of sauce for atleast two months. You can try home made tomato sauce sometimes. Too much food at each meal should be avoid. Yes, egg is always good for you. Take boiled or poached egg. Soy oil, rice bran oil, olive oil can be used. Try to take one glass normal water at empty stomach. Take soaked fenugreek water (take 1/2 teaspoon fenugreek and soaked in one cup of water atleat three hours) take only water after taking lunch by alternative day. Yes, you can try the above Probiotic (attachment removed to protect patient identity). Avoid fried and oily food.

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