Q. I have been in quarantine for nearly 12 days for COVID-19. Why is my recovery very slow?

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Dr. Zubayeralam
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Mild asthma, cough since 2 weeks, and covid-19 patient. I am currently taking Benzo 200mg, famotidine 20mg, and albuterol as needed.


hello thanx for the query. I can understand ur concern. according to ur statement u have been suffering from cough which is dry in nature and Covid-19.ur past history of having mild asthma and anxiety. ur treatment depends on severity. if albuterol is not able to ur cough then u can corticosteroid inhaler. u should monitor ur oxygen saturation rate by pulse oximetry.it will determine where u need oxygen support or not.as u a patient of Covid-19,so u must be isolated from ur family and friends at least for 14days. gurgle with salt mixed luke warm water 3-4 times daily.u should strictly maintain ur temperature chart. can u provide me the details history like what is the problem now u r facing or what type of advice and help do u need?if u provide me the details history then I will be able to treat u further . if albuterol is not able to control ur cough then u can use corticosteroid inhaler.

Hi Doctor. Thanks for your prompt response. I have been in quarantine for nearly 12 days. My Covid 19 recovery process has been very slow. Thank God the fever went away 3 weeks ago but i had this nagging nasal congestion for 5 weeks and is finally getting better. The dry cough, started nearly 2 weeks ago and it doesnt look like going away. Since yesterday a doctor prescribed me benzo 200mg, 3 times a day, along with allegra for allergies and pepcid 20mg 1 tablet at night. I started those drugs yesterday. For the coughing, i started with nyquil cough, and robitussin and they both failed to get rid of my cough. I am now taking the albuterol every 4 hrs for coughing as needed. Should i use the albuterol every 4 hrs even if i am not coughing at that time? I was diagnosed with mild asthma 5 years but for the most, i dont need the inhaler for my everyday activities until i was positive with covid-19. What else can i do for my dry cough to go away? Should i use the albuterol every 4 hrs even without known coughing at the time? My cough shows up usually early in the morning and in the evening. I dont cough while i am sleeping. Also doctor. I have a portable oxymeter at home. I check my oxygen every 4 hrs.and my last reading said sp02 was 98

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thanx for joining again.if ur cough is well controlled then u can take every 6hourly or 8hrly.as u suffer from cough in the morning and evening, so u can take inhaler twice daily. if u don't need to take inhaler whole day then don't take.using of Albuterol depends on u.u should take that according to severity.
again u r a patient of mild asthma but no medication is needed for controlling ur asthma status in ur life time except after being Covid-19 positive.dry cough is the primary symptoms for the first few days of Covid-19 positive patient.then it becomes intractable and makes a patient breathless and eventually develop life threatening atypical pneumonia.so,Covid-19 primarily attacks respiratory system,then other systems.for that reason u have to take albuterol for preventing respiratory distress.again ur oxygen saturation is 98% that is a great news indeed for ur recovery from Covid-19.

for ur cough and nasal congestion u can add Montelukast with or without corticosteroid inhaler.
in case of any other query knock me.
Hey Doc, i hope all is well. I called the ambulance to my residence because i was having shortness of breath. When the ambulance came, they checked my oxygen level was 100 percent and the rest of my vitals were normal. No fever, just the dry cough and the nasal congestion. I dont know if it was my anxiety but i coudnt breath through my nose for like 25 mins. I used the albuterol 15 mins before the ambulance and it didnt do much until 20 mins after. I decided to stay home because i was afraid to go to the hospital and being around so many sick people. My nose still congested, i still have a mild dry cough and albuterol seems to be working just for a short term. What else should i do to improve my health? It has been 13 days since i was dianoaed positive and i havent noticed major health improvement on me. I dont know what else to do. What will you suggest me to do knowing my mild asthma condition, my nasal congestion for 5 weeks and my coughing for 2 weeks. What can i do doc?

hi there thanx for the query again. I think ur that incident was happened due to anxiety or panic attack and made u suffocated.it is quite natural as we know many people r dead in your country by Covid-19.

u can use Fonaspray (Twice daily) for immediate relief from nasal congestion.and u can also add Montelukast along with allerga . post viral asthenia or fatigue is very common when a person is infected from major viral infection like Covid-19 .it may last for few weeks to few month.i think u have been suffering from post viral asthenia.for this reason u always feel weakness and fatigue.it will be subsided with passage of time.

albuterol is a short acting brochodilator ,so it last only for 4 hour.u can use Seretide inhaler (twice daily;gurgle after using) which r a combination of long acting bronchodilator Salmeterol and corticosteroid Fluticasone.it will give u long time relief. in case of any other query ask me.

Thaks Doc. I am going to see my primary doctor to extend my quarantine. How long do you think i need to get heal or a full recovery? Also, should i request a chest x ray because of my dry cougb? The Emt at the ambulance heard my lungs and saccording to him they sounded clear. My recovery has been very slow, i am surprised i have not required hospitalization.
# hi there
thanx for the query again. u r welcome.please continue my medications that I have already prescribed along with ur current medications. u can undergo a CXR to detect any respiratory abnormalities.I think u will be recovered fully within 15-30 days.don't worry. in case of any other query ask me.
Thsnks Doctor
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thanx for joining again. u r welcome. it is my duty to help my patients.I think u don't need to admit urself into hospital as u have no fever and most importantly ur last oxygen saturation was 98%.ur weakness and cough will be subsided soon. have a nice day.
Hi doctor, i hope all is well. I was prescribed symbicort 160/4.5 yesterday. My prescription is to use 1 puff in the morning. I decided to use it today and i forgot to read the instructions. I used it without priming it first. Do you think it will make a negative impact on my body for not priming it first? I haven't used the albuterol today just the symbicort
# hi
thanx for joining again. ur Symbicort 160/4.5 (Budesonide and formoterol fumarate dihydrate) is a combination of a steroid (Budesonide)and a long acting bronchodilator is used to prevent bronchospasm in people with asthma.but u should gurgle after using it as oral thrush may be developed at later on.
I think no need to read the instructions as u have already used Albuterol inhaler.as u r using a combination inhaler u don't need to use Albuterol (short acting brochodilator).
and please go through my previous replying answer, I have already prescribed u a same type of inhaler named SERETIDE Inhaler which is also a combination of a Steroid(Fluticasone) and a long acting bronchodilator (Salmeterol).
in case of any other query ask me and i will try to reply u.
Hi doctor, thanks for replying. You didnt answer my question. I was supposed to prime it for the first time and i didnt. I used without priming it. Will it make a negative impact to my lungs?
# hi
thanx for the query again. by using priming what u want to tell,I can't understand. Priming means first time.i think first using of this newly inhaler can any negative impact on ur lungs or not? is it ur query?
then answer is no.it will help u from bronchospasm and control ur cough within short time and this medication effect will last long.in case of any other query ask me.
Hi doctor. Sorry for the misunderstanding. For using it for the first time i was supposed to shake and spray it the first exhale in the air (prime it). So, instead i didnt do that. I use it without priming it first. Basically, i didn't let the first spray go. I used it as soon as i opened it. The instructions said to prime it first and i didn't do that.
# hi
thanx for the query again.u should shake the canister for mixing solutions well and u can get the proper dosage of solutions. as ur first time u didn't shake the canister, it is ok.but for the next time, u should shake well ur canister before using and gurgle after using for preventing oral thrush.
in case of any other query ask me.
Thanks doctor
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