Q. I am a crohn's disease patient. Can I take ayurvedic medicines?

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Image: I am a crohn's disease patient.  Can I take ayurvedic medicines?


I am a crohn's disease patient and now my ESR level is 70 and CRP positive. I am taking pentasa 1g twice (morning and evening) and also 150mg of azoran (immunity suppressant tablet) in the morning alone.

Today I visited an ayurvedic doctor to start ayurvedic treatment and he gave me medicine indukantham kashayam and septilin and both seems to boost the immunity of the body. I want to know is it good to have both medicines like pentasa/azoran with ayurvedic medicines as mentioned above.My ayurvedic doctor has said that I can continue both for some time and then review after a week and check if ESR levels have fallen. Please advise.

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Dr. Arul Amuthan
Ayurveda Specialist, Naturopathy, Pharmacology, Siddha Medicine, Toxicology


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Crohn's disease is an autoimmune disease, in which our own immune system tries to act against our body tissues. With this concept, allopathy physicians give drugs to suppress immunity, thus no action against our body tissue. This is the way of allopathy treatment. These immunosuppresants have their own side effects over a long period of time.

  • On the other hand, ayurveda and siddha tries to correct or tries to balance the immunity.
  • Hence, the immunity is not suppressed.
  • Still, scientifically it is not well proved and it is only the belief or hypothesis by traditional practitioners.
  • If you continue ayurveda/siddha drugs along with immunosuppressant drugs, you will be benefited.
  • Because herbal drugs will maintain your normal immunity and prevent the side effects caused by too much suppression done by allopathy drugs.
  • Very rarely (<10% of cases), the herbal drugs will act against the allopathy drugs.
  • You can continue both the drugs for two weeks and observe for Crohn's symptoms and lab investigations.
  • If there is improvement, then it is good, you can continue.
  • If there is worsening of the disease, then you should stop taking these ayurvedic drugs.
  • In such a situation, you can take some siddha drugs (example: Rasagandhi mezhugu) which are having highly beneficial role in all autoimmune diseases.
  • It is believed that the poly herbal drugs contain both immunosuppresant as well as immune balancing herbals in a single drug.
  • This drug shows beneficial role in AIDS and cancer patients in the same principle.
  • Many patients consume this drug for more than 10 years.
  • If there is no change, then you can continue for next two weeks to check for the beneficial role.
  • By chance, if this combination is working for your body, then you can definitely continue.

Revert back to an ayurveda specialist online after two weeks for further follow up --> https://www.icliniq.com/ask-a-doctor-online/ayurveda-specialist

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