Q. Kindly guide me about gum bleaching process for esthetics.

Answered by Dr. Soheel Hussain Zargar and medically reviewed by iCliniq medical review team.


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Hello doctor,

I have a question about gum bleaching. I was just wondering the price range of undergoing this process. My gums cause me no harm whatsoever, by the way, just appearance purposes.

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Welcome to icliniq.com.

You are talking about gum bleaching but I feel it is tooth bleaching and you have a problem with the esthetics of teeth. There can be several reasons for esthetics which are mainly due to discoloration due to stains from tea, drinks and syrups, drugs as used in asthma. It can be due to poor oral hygiene leading to calculus formation around teeth. Teeth in a particular region can also discolor to brownish tinge due to trauma in any part of life with teeth. Teeth can be naturally discolored from birth due to various reasons related to developmental disturbances and use of drugs like Tetracyclines.

So as for your issue is concerned, you have esthetic concerns and you are interested in bleaching but before going for bleaching it is better to do a general examination with a dentist to find a probable cause. Bleaching is a costly procedure. You may not need that, instead, get scaling and polishing process which is comparatively cheap. You are requested to send an attachment photo of your teeth if possible.

Differential diagnosis:

Nonvital teeth, stains and developmental disturbances.

Probable diagnosis:

Stains, calculus, developmental disturbances, fluorosis.

Treatment plan:

1.Scaling and polishing.
2.Bleaching is the last option using chemicals to whiten teeth like Hydrogen peroxide.

Preventive measures:

1.Brushing daily.
2.Rinsing mouth after taking fluids like tea, coffee, drugs, and syrups.

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