Q. Is it fine to have the wires fixed to brackets in the braces treatment?

Answered by Dr. Prerna Jain and medically reviewed by iCliniq medical review team.


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Hello doctor,

My dad is a dentist and he has recently put braces in my upper jaw. But my braces are of the kind I have never seen before. All the braces I have ever seen have movable wires that move as our teeth get straighter but the ones I have are having the wire fixed onto the brackets by material so the wire does not move.

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Dr. Prerna Jain
Dentistry, Orthodontist


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Wires are normally ligated or fixed to braces. With inherent potential and shape of wires the teeth move. The movements of teeth are normally at a slow pace that we may not be able to appreciate the changes taking place. You can compare the pictures previously and now to appreciate the changes. You can also send me pictures to understand your braces better.

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