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Dental retainer helps prevent teeth relapse after orthodontic treatment and is of two types, namely temporary and permanent. Temporary retainers include Hawleys and clear plastic retainers, and these can be easily removed, cleaned, and placed back by the patient itself. Permanent retainers consist of a braided wire cemented to the lingual or palatal aspect of the front tooth.

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Can I wear a retainer that I have not worn for three years?

Query: Hello doctor, I have not worn my retainer for three years because I missed my appointment, and now they threw it away. My teeth have shifted, but I still have a straight smile. However, I am concerned about how my bite will change in the long run. Once, the doctor offered an option that he would mol...  Read Full »

Dr. Mayank Khandelwal

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I read your query and can understand your concern. Retainers after orthodontic treatment are an essential part of therapy as they maintain and hold on to the changes achieved by the treatment. In addition, they prevent the teeth and other surrounding tissues from re...  Read Full »

Can removing retainer for one week after 9.5 years of braces removal cause teeth shifting?

Query: Hello doctor, I lost my retainer and need to get a new one. This will be a week without a retainer. I got my braces removed nine and a half years ago and have worn the retainer every night. I would have missed it once in a blue moon. What are the chances of my teeth shifting even if it is a little? ...  Read Full »

Dr. Mayank Khandelwal

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Thank you for your query. Retainers are considered an important part of orthodontic therapy as they hold or retain the teeth in the corrected positions after the treatment. In the meantime, the jaw bone and surrounding tissues get mature enough to hold the teeth the...  Read Full »

I have been using a retainer for years, but my new retainer does not reach my gums. Will it be effective in keeping my teeth straight?

Query: Hello doctor, I had braces ten years ago. I have been using a retainer after my treatment. Recently I got a new retainer from a dentist, but it does not reach my gums. Will this still be effective at keeping my teeth straight?Thank you.  Read Full »

Dr. Mayank Khandelwal

Answer: Hello,Welcome to on your treatment history, your teeth would have settled by now in post-orthodontic changes. After completing treatment, it takes approximately 10 to 12 months for your oral cavity to adjust to new positions and for any changes to come into the best-settled positio...  Read Full »

Why did my retainers develop a black-mold like discoloration?

Query: Hello doctor, I underwent braces treatment two years back. Permanent retainers were fixed on my upper and lower teeth. I just found a black mold-like discoloration on my removable retainers. Can it be saved? Or should it be replaced immediately? Please help.  Read Full »

Dr. Mayank Khandelwal

Answer: Hi,Welcome to understand your concern.The main purpose of retainers is to hold the tooth in position after the completion of the braces treatment. The jaw bone is immature after orthodontic treatment, and it takes approximately one year for the bone to mature and hold the teeth. Hence,...  Read Full »

My teeth shifted as I discontinued wearing the retainer. How long will it take for the teeth to realign if I start the treatment again?

Query: Hello doctor, My teeth shifted after braces, and I accidentally lost my retainer at work and could not afford a new one then. My last orthodontic treatment left gaps, crooked teeth, and crossbites. How severe is my case, and how long treatment will I need again? I am attaching pictures of my teeth. ...  Read Full »

Dr. Mayank Khandelwal

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Retainers are an important part of orthodontic treatment as they hold the teeth in the corrected position until the bone beneath gets matured enough and does not allow them to return to previous positions. This process takes about 10 to 11 months, so it is advised to...  Read Full »

I have been given a nighttime retainer after over a year of Invisalign treatment. My teeth hurt when I wear them at night. Why?

Query: Hi doctor, I have been wearing Invisalign for a little over a year and a half. I have always had a big gap, and I made it clear I want to keep my gap but make it smaller. Since ending treatment, I have been given a night retainer. However, during the day, my teeth shift and putting the retainer back...  Read Full »

Dr. Mayank Khandelwal

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Hope you are doing well. I thoroughly read your query and understand your concern. In orthodontic therapy, there are two phases, first is the active phase, wherein all the tooth movements are done, and alignment is achieved based on case requirements. Second is ret...  Read Full »

The spaces are closed after a year of orthodontic treatment. Am I close to taking them off?

Query: Hello doctor,I have had braces for a year. My orthodontist had told me I only needed a closure of one tiny gap left in my top teeth. They initially asked me to book one monthly appointment with them and then two fortnightly appointments. Once the gap is finally closed, how long should I wait to fina...  Read Full »

Dr. Mayank Khandelwal

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I hope you are doing well. It is good to hear that you are on the verge of completing your orthodontic treatment and having a beautiful smile. Based on your appointment schedule, I feel you will be off your braces in about two to three months, depending on when your ne...  Read Full »

My lower teeth are hitting the back of my upper front teeth after removing my permanent retainer. Should I go for a permanent retainer again?

Query: Hello doctor, I am 53 years old. I had my permanent retainers removed six months ago, after 26 years. My lower front teeth are flaring out. They are hitting the back of my upper front teeth. I am a tongue thruster. Can I have these teeth that had the retainer removed, rebraced, and another permanent...  Read Full »

Dr. Mayank Khandelwal

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I read your query and can understand your concern. Yes, you can get the particular segment of teeth re-braced and later a permanent retainer. However, you can also have other options to consider before deciding on the treatment option. Before that, we should initia...  Read Full »

Why a gap is forming between my front teeth which I did not have earlier?

Query: Hi doctor,I have started wearing my retainers again after three years (my orthodontist had said that I could stop using them). Initially, it did not fit properly but now after about one week, it fits perfectly fine. Though I think my front two teeth have got a gap between them. I thought that I will...  Read Full »

Dr. Mayank Khandelwal

Answer: Hi,Welcome to are of various types. Please share what kind of retainers are you having, Hawley's (single wire retainers) or Essix retainers (transparent retainers).There was a bit of difficulty for you to put on retainers after three years as your teeth would have shifted a bit...  Read Full »

I am two months away from removing my braces. Please suggest to me the best and most affordable permanent retainer.

Query: Hi doctor, I have been on braces for front teeth alignment for almost an year. It will probably be removed in two months so I would need a permanent retainer. So please let me know the price range for the same, both in private and government hospitals.  Read Full »

Dr. Mayank Khandelwal

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I understand your concern. Retainers are a crucial phase of orthodontics treatment. It holds on to all the changes achieved during the treatment till the bone matures enough. Initial one year after active orthodontics treatment is critical. Retainers can be permanen...  Read Full »

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