Q. How to convince my husband to get his blood sugar levels checked?

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Hello doctor,

This is regarding my hubby who is 35 years of age. He does not like to workout at all. I suspect him to have diabetes for a while and the symptoms I have noticed for the past few weeks are just too coincidental for a normal person. Although, I am not able to get him to undergo a blood test, as he is not listening when I say so. Could you please help me relate if these symptoms point to diabetes or any other particular health risk?

  • Bladder Issue (he gets up five to six times every night).
  • Abnormal facial and forehead sweating (even when it is not summer).
  • Gets hungry frequently.
  • In sleep, he gets a lot of jolts (like shocks) and gets up with them sometimes.
  • Lack of sleep and thus sleepy during the day and not much responsive to questions.
  • Hair loss.
  • Toenails are foggy and fungi-infected.

Any suggestion or recommendations will help.

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Dr. Suneetha B S
Diabetology, Microbiology, Nutritionist


Welcome to icliniq.com.

I understand your concern.

  • You have not explained about your husband's eating habits and weight or about his family history.
  • Considering he is inactive and some of the symptoms you have described, especially frequent urination, feeling hungry frequently, and toenail infection go in favor of a high blood sugar.
  • You could also be thinking too much while there may be no problem.
  • The only way to clarify this would be by doing a blood test. If not you, try involving other family members, to whom he may listen. You could also take the opinion of a doctor in your locality who can help you by involving him in conversation when you visit the doctor for some other minor reason.
  • Try not to delay further to get his blood tests done.
  • If he agrees to undergo blood tests, these are the preliminary tests you need to do for diagnosis:
  1. Fasting blood sugar.
  2. Postprandial blood sugar.
  3. HbA1c.
  • Additionally, you could also do:
  1. Lipid profile.
  2. Renal function tests.
  3. ECG (electrocardiogram).

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