Q. Can I take digestive enzyme for frequent bloating?

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Hello doctor,

When I wake up by 8 AM I immediately go to clear the bowel. After that, I feel somewhat relaxed but after few minutes I start feeling bloated and then I take a cup of tea and after 15 minutes again I rush to the bathroom. Then I feel completely relaxed but after breakfast, after few hours, it starts getting bloated but when I go to the bathroom I am not able to poop but I feel very upset in the stomach and bloated. So after my afternoon lunch, by evening 6 to 7, I eat some light food and after a few minutes, I need to rush to the bathroom to poop. I went to the doctor many times but nothing worked for me. I am plannig to take the digestive enzyme. Can I take it? Please suggest.

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Dr. Pooja Pardhi
General Medicine, Internal Medicine


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I have gone through your query. Your symptoms could be due to hyperactivity or any stomach infection. I advise you to take care of your diet because most of the symptoms arises because of unhealthy dietary practices. Avoid tea, coffee for few days. Avoid junk food, spicy, and fatty food. Do not remain empty stomach for a long time. Include more salads and fibrous food stuffs in your diet. Avoid taking more protein in your diet. If you have not tried any antacid drug like proton pump inhibitors in the past, then I suggest you take tablet Pantoprazole Domperidone (40/10mg) for 14 days. This tablet you have to take one in the morning and one in the evening before meals. Drink plenty of water.

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