Q. I do not have erection for longer duration. Suggest siddha medicines to overcome this

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Image: I do not have erection for longer duration.  Suggest siddha medicines to overcome this


I used musli capsules for about 45 days. Even now I do not have erection for longer duration. Please suggest some measures in siddha medicine to overcome this.

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Dr. Arul Amuthan
Ayurveda Specialist, Naturopathy, Pharmacology, Siddha Medicine, Toxicology


Welcome to icliniq.com.

I can understand your problem. 50% of this problem is related to psychology and the method of practice. There are many drugs which can prolong your penis erection for a longer time, but they have very serious side effects.

Please follow the following medical advice:

  • Stop the musli capsule. You can take capsule/tablet Ratna purush, morning and night after food. It should be consumed with a cup of boiled milk.
  • Start practising pranayama and yoga. This prolongs the erection as it relaxes your mind and body muscles. 
  • While involving in masturbation or sex, be in self control. You should change your mind in between the activity or you can practise pranayama in between the activity or you can do self massage on your scrotum (the skin bag containing two testes seen below the penis). These activities relax your mind as well as body muscles including sexual organs. 
  • It is scientifically proved that the sexual activity or erection can be self controlled by mind relaxing techniques. Do not drink water at least 30 minutes before sexual activity. Before the sexual activity, pass urine. 
  • In the real situation, such long erection is not required. If you involve in preliminary sexual activities (foreplay) before masturbation/sexual activity, the happiness/enjoyment will be fulfilled. Directly starting the main sexual intercourse is not advisable since your mind will not be satisfied. 

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