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What can I do to fix mild abdominal pain after passing stools?

Query: Hello doctor, This morning I woke up and passed stools and had mild abdominal pain in the center of my belly. I went about my day and the pain is getting more intense. I defecated again and it still hurts. The pain feels like the worst gas of my life but I am not farting. I cannot afford to go to t...  Read Full »

Dr. Ajeet Kumar Lohana

Medical Gastroenterologist

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Well, the onset of pain with a feeling of bloating, and change in intensity after passing stools suggest it is related to gas. You probably had something last night, or a few days back, which has caused you to this gastrointestinal upset. Well, this does not seem al...  Read Full »

What should I do to get relief from gas problems and blood in stool?

Query: Hello doctor, I am 24 yrs old height is 156cm and I weigh 91kg... I had two abortions...and still no baby...yesterday night I had some blood on my stool...and earlier for few months I had gas problems... usually, gas comes for many times in a day...also, I feel like gas is stored in my a...  Read Full »

Dr. Ajeet Kumar Lohana

Medical Gastroenterologist

Answer: Hello. I welcome you to icliniq. Actually the chronic problem of gas you mention is common in some one with overweight to obese-as in your case may be. Since your weight appears to be way beyond normal and this has definitely health consequences if not controlled. The blood in stool you mention, i...  Read Full »

How can gas formation in stomach be treated?

Query: Hello doctor, Yesterday in the evening I felt strong heaviness in my stomach and gas started forming. Stomach seems to be full without eating anything . Light pain also started. Today morning also no clear stool, no choice to take food, hence, only some fruits taken in breakfast. Presently also st...  Read Full »

Dr. Ajeet Kumar Lohana

Medical Gastroenterologist

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I can understand you had a terrible time due to this problem since yesterday. The gas production in bowel is a normal phenomenon and majorly produces on its own given the number of gas forming bacteria within human gut; however, there are certain foods and environme...  Read Full »

What could cause symptoms like heartburn, breathing difficulty, gas pain and burping?

Query: Hello doctor, I have severe heartburn, difficulty in breathing, gas pain, and burping. Please suggest.  Read Full »

Dr. Rajesh Bansari

Medical Gastroenterologist

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I can understand your troubles regarding heart burn and difficulty breathing. You are having GERD (gastric esophageal reflux disease), and indigestion.  Read Full »

How to deal with gas problem in a newborn baby?

Query: Hello doctor, I have a 6-week-old baby. He is only breastfeeding, no formula. He had gas problems like any other baby, and the doctor prescribed us Simethicone for infants (0.5ml) three times a day to help relieve it. He eats and defecates normally (at least once a day, sometimes once every two days...  Read Full »

Dr. Payas Joshi

Child Health Specialist, General Practitioner, Paediatrician

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I understand your concern. Usually at this age babies have gas or colic problems. It seems like that only. I need a few more questions to be answered. Does he regurgitates feeds also? Any relation of such episodes with feeding? Is it happening since birth (not thes...  Read Full »

What could be the reason for constant gas, chest pain, dizziness and breast pain?

Query: Hi doctor, I am a 19-year-old female with constant gas, heartburn, chest pain, breast pain, dizziness, nausea, and back pain. I went to my doctor and was told it was due to anxiety so I started Zoloft and Prilosec. I had panic attacks and hyperventilation, but my severe gas and pain will not go aw...  Read Full »

Dr. Tanmai Yermal (jain)

Internal Medicine Physician, Cardiologist, General Medicine Physician

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I have gone through your query and concern. (attachment removed to protect patient identity). Your ECG report is given as normal. I would like to know some more details about your present symptoms in order to suggest further management strategies. I would like to k...  Read Full »

Is chronic non-specific cholecystitis dangerous?

Query: Hello doctor, I wanted to take a second opinion about my mother. In her ultrasound, it was diagnosed that she had gall bladder stones. There was no pain but it was accidentally observed in the ultrasound. We waited for three years, but then, later on, one of my friend’s mother developed gall ...  Read Full »

Dr. Ajit Naniksingh Kukreja

General Surgeon, Medical Gastroenterologist, Medical Oncologist, Paediatric Surgeon, Surgical Gastroenterologist, Surgical Oncologist

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Having gone through the reports (attachment removed to protect patient identity) I just need to reassure you that the surgery was done by a world class surgeon. Reply to your queries: No need to worry about non-specific cholecystitis. It is not a cancerous lesion. If ...  Read Full »

Can anal perforation result in producing more gas?

Query: Hi doctor, If you perforated your rectum from anal sex, would you know within five hours? I am feeling more gas than usual.  Read Full »

Dr. Ashok Kumar Choudhary

Andrologist, General Practitioner, Geriatrician, Psychiatrist, Psychologist Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Sexologist

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I read your query and understand your concerns. In my opinion, any tear involving mucosa can be known to the individual within seconds rather than hours. I mean to say that if there is perforation of rectum you will know it within seconds and five hours are not requi...  Read Full »

Can changing Formula cause gas in a baby?

Query: Hello doctor, My baby is 4 weeks old. I fed her a combination of breast milk and formula milk. I changed her formula to enfalac from friscolac slowly, and started solely on enfalac yesterday afternoon. I changed the milk (upon consulting with the pediatric clinic) because she was having constipatio...  Read Full »

Dr. Prakash Nagar

Paediatrician, Child Health Specialist

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Breast milk is definitely best and first choice but as it is insufficient and you need to supplement with formula feeds, all these formula milk are cow's milk. It is not clear from your query- which Enfalac formula you are giving as there are so many different types a...  Read Full »

Why is there gas with bloating in a paraplegic patient?

Query: Hello doctor, My husband is a complete SCI paraplegic, he is 28. He has been having severe stomach pains come and go for months and is not receiving any answers we were at the ER 3 times in a week, no results of infection, or constipation or anything seen in X-rays and cat scans, he gets very bloat...  Read Full »

Dr. Asma Sajid

General Practitioner, Family Physician

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I have read your query but as you have not mentioned how long ago the injury was sustained, I will presume it was not recent but the gas build is recent. If both are recent, you might want to look into the Bowel Program for SCI. First, make sure his diet is not very h...  Read Full »

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