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How can blood show HSV-1 IgG positive without any symptoms?

How can blood show HSV-1 IgG positive without any symptoms?

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Published At September 13, 2017
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Patient's Query

Hello doctor,

I am a 35 year old male. I weigh 68 Kg and my height 5'5". I am in a healthy status.


  • No episodes of herpes except chickenpox in childhood.
  • No infection of HIV - clinically tested every 6 months since last 7 years.
  • I am straight and only 1 relationship with spouse.
  • Both me and my spouse are not having HIV - clinically tested.
  • I had bacterial/fungal infection with pus and redness in the genital area and so blood test was done.

I recently got tested and the report is as follows:

  • HIV -ve.
  • HSV-1 IgG 4.5 +ve.
  • HSV-1 IgM 0.29 -ve.
  • HSV-2 IgG 0.45 -ve.
  • HSV-2 IgM 0.69 -ve.

HSV-1 is mostly a non-genital infection. I have not had any episode of HSV-1 type herpes in my life. I have never had HSV-1 type herpes anywhere in the body.

  • How can blood show HSV-1 IgG positive without any symptoms?
  • Doctor (dermatologist) says it is because of past infection and there is no present infection.
  • Doctor told that I should take antiviral dose Acyclovir for 20days for HSV-1 IgG past infection. 
  • Is it useful to take antiviral dose for past HSV-1 type infection? Will it reduce the IgG level in blood? 
  • Is HSV-1 IgG showing a false positive result?

Question 1 : Should I take Acyclovir medicine for HSV-1 IgG positive results? (Blood test done on 20th January 2015)

Question 2 : Should I retest for HSV-1?

Question 3 : Is HSV-1 transmitted via intercourse or sexual contacts?

Question 4: Is HSV-1 a life threatening disease?

Question 5 : Does HSV-1 positive at present means that I had infected with HSV-1 3 or 4 months back (but no symptoms at present)?

Question 6 : Various herbs like monolaurin, a coconut ingredient are proven to flush out/kill HSV-1 virus from nerves, how far is this trustworthy?

Please explain.

Answered by Dr. Meha Malhotra


Welcome to icliniq.com.

Thank you for providing all the details.

I shall answer your questions one by one.

1. As you have mentioned that you do not have any symptoms at the moment, there is no need to take Acyclovir.

2. A repeat test can be done just for your reassurance. Chances of false positive result is there with every test due to technical errors.

3. HSV-1 is primarily not transmitted through sexual intercourse, but kissing or oral sex can cause transmission to partners.

4. Except encephalitis, HSV-1 causes no life threatening diseases.

5. A positive IgG means exposure to the virus anytime during your entire life. IgM shows present infection. You might have had a sub-clinical infection earlier, which is very common.

6. The herbs do not work and there is no data to support this.

Hope this relieves your anxiety. Take care.

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Dr. Meha Malhotra
Dr. Meha Malhotra


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