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IVF (in vitro fertilization) is a type of assisted reproductive technology, which is used to treat infertility. During IVF, mature eggs and sperm are retrieved, and fertilization takes place in a petri dish in a lab. IVF is indicated if the fallopian tube is blocked or damaged, endometriosis, uterine fibroid, low sperm count and motility, and genetic disorders.

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I have had a history of blighted ovum and low hCG levels. How to increase my chances of conception?

Query: Hello doctor, I had two consecutive blighted ovum in 2016 at six weeks. I had no other pregnancies or significant medical history. My blood group is O negative and I received a RhoGam to both metacarpal bones. I had spotted the first bowels open and sore breasts slightly in the morning sickness wit...  Read Full »

Dr. Balakrishnan R

Answer: Hi, Welcome to How are you doing ? I went through your reports. A blighted ovum is similar to an accident and you have two such incidents. Let me start on a positive note that the Beta hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) levels are not low. Do not go by the absolute values, in IVF o...  Read Full »

Why am I not pregnant despite ovulation induction?

Query: Hello doctor, I am 24 years old. My height is 5'1" and my weight is 61 kg. I am a bit overweight. I have pcod problem. I got married 2 years back and I cannot get pregnant. I had Clomid and hCG injections twice. Both were failed. But, doctor said that my egg growth is good. I have attached my hormon...  Read Full »

Dr. Sameer Kumar

Answer: Hello, Welcome to The hormone reports (attachment removed to protect patient identity) submitted are normal and the ultrasound seems fine. But, as there is no detail about the sizes of follicles reached during both cycles of ovulation induction it is difficult to make a comment here. Ho...  Read Full »

I want to understand about endometriosis. Please guide.

Query: Hello doctor,As a woman grappling with ongoing menstrual discomfort, I have delved into research on endometriosis, suspecting it may be a factor in my symptoms. I am keen to learn more about the signs of endometriosis, its effects on menstrual health, and viable treatment avenues. Moreover, I am eag...  Read Full »

Dr. Obinna Ugwuoke

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I can understand your concern. Endometriosis refers to the presence of endometrial tissues outside the uterine cavity. Typically, the endometrium, the inner layer of the uterus, sheds during monthly periods. However, in individuals with endometriosis, these endometr...  Read Full »

Can I take an antibiotic for water in the fallopian tube?

Query: Hello doctor,Two days back, I had my laparoscopy. My right tube was found to be dilated and the ports were open. The left one was completely closed and after forceful attempts, it was opened but only a slow progression was there. Now, under the current circumstances, is there any antibiotic for wate...  Read Full »

Dr. Balakrishnan R

Answer: Hello, Welcome to How are you doing? Water in the tube is hydrosalpinx. This is a collection of the fluid secreted from the lining of the tubes. Usually, if one tube is damaged, the other one will also show some damage. The best antibiotic for genital tract infections is capsule Clin...  Read Full »

Is it dangerous to transfer the embryo when the ovary size is larger?

Query: Hello doctor, I am under the treatment of infertility. And I have started my first cycle of IVF. Before the start of the cycle my ovary size was Right: 81 mm and left: 79 mm, and for 12 days I took Recagone. Total dose 1700 IU. After 12 days in the hospital, they took my embryo and sample from my hu...  Read Full »

Dr. Sameer Kumar

Answer: Hello, Welcome to With what I understand, you have suffered from ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome where ovarian size and volume has increased to 385cc, which is a lot and can cause sudden rupture and collapse in a patient. This is a known side effect of Follitropin injections if not...  Read Full »

How to manage severe leg pain during IVF pregnancy?

Query: Hello doctor, I am consulting my cousin, who is 30 years old and 40 days pregnant while undergoing IVF treatment. She recently discovered that she has both diabetes and hypothyroidism. To manage her diabetes, she administers insulin injections daily in her thigh, causing discomfort throughout the d...  Read Full »

Dr. Obinna Ugwuoke

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I can understand your concern. It is uncommon to experience leg pain while taking insulin. It is advisable for her to maintain proper hydration and utilize a smaller injection needle when administering insulin, which can help alleviate discomfort over time. Througho...  Read Full »

Can contraceptive pills thicken ovary walls?

Query: Hi doctor, My 36 year old wife was just diagnosed with a retroverted uterus, adenomyosis, and polycystic ovaries, which are causing her severe pain. The first gynecologist told her to go on contraceptive pills for two months to rest the uterus and identify the pain, but she said that her ovaries are...  Read Full »

Dr. Meeta Bansal

Answer: Hi, Welcome to No, contraceptive pills cannot cause ovarian thickening. Your wife's age is 36, at which ovarian egg reserve is reduced. But, it can be determined only by doing serum AMH (anti-Mullerian hormone) and day-2 scan. If she has polycystic ovaries, then it cannot be less. You ...  Read Full »

Can I conceive with my current AMH levels?

Query: Hello doctor, I am a 34-year-old woman, who had her first child naturally without any external help five years ago. Six months back, I started trying for my second baby but found out that my AMH level was 0.116, and all other tests were normal (including FSH and my fallopian tubes). My doctor start...  Read Full »

Dr. Obinna Ugwuoke

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I understand your concern. The low AMH (Anti-Müllerian Hormone) indicates that the chances of conception would be better with stimulation. However, the dose of Gonal F (hormone injection) and the time for administering the trigger varies. For now, you can only wait to...  Read Full »

I am HIV positive. How can I have a HIV negative baby?

Query: Hello doctor, We are a serodiscordant couple and we want our child. Please suggest to us what has to be done. I am an HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) positive man and my wife is HIV negative. I take my ART (Antiretroviral Treatment) medicine regularly. We want a healthy child without infecting my...  Read Full »

Dr. Kiran Anaparthi

Answer: Hi, Welcome to You have three options. IVF (In Vitro fertilization) sperm washing, using post-exposure prophylaxis. First two are safe but very costly considering technique and your status. Last option is cheap but is a little bit risky and need compliance from your wife. Your wife ne...  Read Full »

I have low sperm count. Can it effect IVF and ICSI?

Query: Hello doctor, I am a 39-year-old male with a low sperm count of 1.9 million. My blood work shows that I have a high FSH. Our doctor highly suggested that I get genetic testing done before we proceed with an IVF or an ICSI. I would like to know why he would suggest that.  Read Full »

Dr. Ashok Kumar

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I would like to inform you that the low sperm count and high FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone) are indicative of organic disorders of the testes. In other words, the parameters indicate the possibility of either a partial or a complete testicular failure. Th...  Read Full »

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