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Medical Advice on "Diabetes Mellitus"

 Diabetes is a disorder in which body is not able to use the glucose efficiently ... Once diabetes was considered as a disease of rich people, but nowadays it is seen in all classes of general population ...  One of the major causes of type 2 diabetes mellitus is wrong eating habits ... It is seen that this is the time from which pro-glucose imbalance starts settling in the form of frequent insulin fluctuations and is the foundation period of diabetes mellitus type 2 … View thread »

,CCEBDM ( Diabetes Mellitus ) ... ,CCGDM ( Diabetes in Pregnancy ) … View thread »

,Diploma in Diabetes MellitusView thread »

,CC (Diabetes Mellitus) … View thread »

To confirm that I have gestation diabetes I am going to repeat my test and I have been following the required diet before the test ... You are suffering from gestational diabetes mellitus without any doubt … View thread »

I have a lot of issues because of diabetes ... Diabetes was detected four months ago when I underwent an underarm surgery for an abscess ... Do you have a family history of diabetes mellitus 2 … View thread »

He has diabetes, benign prostate hypertrophy, and history of vascular dementia ... In a patient, having risk factors, like diabetes mellitus and acute onset slurring of speech, it raises the possibility of developing an acute stroke … View thread »

I was hospitalized with sudden and severe onset of diabetes in 31 ... You are still in young age group with diabetes mellitus and hypertension … View thread »

Diagnosis (according to available information):Fibroid Uterus, Type II Diabetes MellitusView thread »

The HbA1C level of above 7 is a confirmatory diagnosis of diabetes mellitus ... By this way you will have a good control of diabetes and completely avoid complications of the disease ... Diabetes mellitusView thread »


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