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Medical Advice on "Diabetes Management"

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Answers: Question 1: Do you need to test blood sugar level to diagnose diabetes ... a) Diabetes can be diagnosed without a blood test b) A test is essential to diagnose diabetes Answer: b … View thread »

From the report (attachment removed to protect patient identity) it is found that your father has overt diabetes and should be managed efficiently to prevent the complications ... There are two ways of diabetes management: Lifestyle changes - It includes diabetic diet, daily exercise and cholesterol and weight managementView thread »

Make these simple lifestyle changes and experience the difference in your fight against diabetes ... Pre-packaged and processed foods get rapidly absorbed in the first part of the intestine and no food is left to reach the last part of intestines where a few hormones are released which help in controlling diabetes ... For more information consult a diabetes management specialist online … View thread »

Diagnosis of diabetes is not a temporary phenomenon but an event which affects an individual for the rest of life ... Population of type 2 diabetes mellitus is on rise continuously ... Management Of Diabetes: Management of diabetes includes: Patient education ... Nutrition managementView thread »

Is there any previous history of diabetes or hypertension ... Diabetes is the biggest complication creating disease ... There are two ways of diabetes management: Lifestyle changes - Includes diabetic diet, daily exercise, cholesterol and weight managementView thread »

One has to understand that, to prevent complications due to diabetes like kidney dysfunction (diabetic nephropathy), eye problem (diabetic retinopathy) and neuropathic problems (diabetic neuropathy) from occurring, the overall glucose control (i ...   HbA1C level is recommended to ascertain overall correctness of diabetes managementView thread »

The initial symptoms of diabetes include excessive thirst, excessive hunger, frequent urination and fatigue ... Types of Diabetes Diabetes is further divided into two types: Type 1 diabetes or Diabetes insipidus or Insulin dependent diabetes ... To know more about the management of diabetes consult a diabetes management specialist online … View thread »

Symptoms of Diabetes: Symptoms are frequent urination, increased thirst, increased hunger, tingling in the feet, fatigue and weakness, delayed healing, diminished vision, itching in the private parts and repeated abortion ... Patient education program and counseling is a must for every person with diabetes for total management of diabetes ... The clinical management of diabetes now has significantly more options than ever before and every year new molecule and technologies are coming in the market for better diabetes managementView thread »


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