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Medical Advice on "Hair Loss"

A majority of children (26 months or older) have hair loss problem and it can be frightening for parents ... As compared to adults, it is easier to treat or grow back hair in children once the underlying cause is known ... Let us understand the main cause of hair loss in children - 1) Tinea capitis (Ringworm of scalp) - This is a kind of fungal infection of scalp, eyebrows, and eyelashes … View thread »

There are various causes for hair loss ... Hence understanding hair growth cycle is important to determine if the hair fall is normal or is due to an underlying cause ... Common Causes of Hair Loss (Alopecia)Depending on the cause of hair loss, different names are given … View thread »

s own defense system attacks the hair follicle ... Homoeopathic treatment is fairly successful as it quickly promotes the hair growth and thus control, stop or reverse hair loss effectively ... Homeopathy treats hair loss from the root without any side effects … View thread »

Many young adults have been complaining about hair loss issues ... Some of them complain about genetic or hereditary kind of hair loss, while some of them complain hair fall after the use of certain medications or due to some external factors like change in weather, change in water, etc … View thread »

Then, I went on a trip about two and a half months ago to a tropical climate and when I got back I am getting the same type of hair loss again … View thread »

Causes: Alopecia areata presents as a localized patchy hair loss ... It is an autoimmune disorder affecting the hair follicles and it is often associated with other autoimmune disorders like thyroid diseases, vitiligo, etc ... Alopecia totalis - Loss of all the scalp hairView thread »

I am need of few important details regarding your hair fall ... If you are young and having hair loss without any dandruff then the prescribed treatment is very correct for you … View thread »

Now, I face severe hair loss ... The routine application of gels and frequent blow drying of your hair causes hair problems and damage … View thread »

I am suffering from hair loss for the past 3-4 years ... I can see my hair line slowly receding from the forehead ... Can I take Finasteride for hair lossView thread »

Is this permanent hair loss ... Use coconut oil mixed with castor oil on your hair ... Thank you doctor, Is this hair loss and thinning permanent … View thread »


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