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Medical Advice on "Obesity"

By this simplistic definition, obesity fits the bill rather perfectly ... Obesity is a lifestyle disease … View thread »

While managing the obesity issues and trying to help the person lose weight, the trainers and even many physicians follow a general set pattern that they prescribe to every person … View thread »

In ayurveda, obesity has been elaborately described by using the term atisthaulya ...  Childhood obesity without any organic cause is being dealt here … View thread »

Obesity it seems is self perpetuating ... The odds are that insufficient sleep may increase the risk of obesity and also diabetes … View thread »

This obesity has now become a major epidemic in humans ... Excess sugar leads to weight gain, excess calories, and fat again leads to obesityView thread »

I suffer from severe hirsutism, thinning of hair on the scalp, and obesityView thread »

It could prevent obesity, high and low hypertension, diabetes, etc … View thread »

... Management- Cardiff University, UK ... … View thread »

So obesity and lifestyle diseases were less among people ... All these started leading to lifestyle diseases like obesity, hypertension and diabetes … View thread »

One is obesity, which in itself causes hypertension and can cause the pounding sensation of the heart that you experienced … View thread »


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