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Medical Advice on "Psoriasis"

There are five main types of psoriasis ... In allopathy (modern medicine), management of psoriasis is by topical agents, light exposure, immunosuppressants, etc … View thread »

However, psoriasis has a tendency to recur and may become worse ... Moderate to severe psoriasis defined as more than 20% or more body surface area or patient unresponsive to topical therapy are termed as difficult psoriasisView thread »

A local doctor prescribed me some medicines for psoriasis and I want a second opinion about the prescription ... Because, Folitrax is meant for use in severe psoriasis, which is not responding to other medications … View thread »

I also have something else going on along with the psoriasis ... I was completely covered in sheets of psoriasis within a week or so … View thread »

My doctor says that it is psoriasis ... Psoriasis is a non-infectious and inflammatory disease of the skin … View thread »

Psoriasis is a T-cell mediated autoimmune disorder ... These reduce the excessive cell proliferation and differentiation seen in the skin cells of a psoriasis patient … View thread »

It is primarily used to treat severe cystic acne and I fail to understand why your doctor has prescribed it to you for psoriasis ... Well, I need some more information: 1) For how long have you been suffering from scalp psoriasisView thread »

First one said that it may by scalp psoriasis and the other told that it looks like some fungal infection ... I am worried by thinking it may be scalp psoriasisView thread »

Is it psoriasis or a fungal infection or just irritation ... PsoriasisView thread »

It can be scalp psoriasis or warts ... This does not look like psoriasis or wart … View thread »


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