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Medical Advice on "Sexually Transmitted Diseases"

This article discusses about the consequences, risk factors and prevention of STDs … View thread »

What I understand is that your cousin is suffering from chronic hepatitis. It is commonly chronic hepatitis B or chronic hepatitis C. If his wife is vaccinated and her anti-HBs levels are sufficient, she will not contract an infection from him. But there is some risk … View thread »

Usually, there will be a white creamy layer on glans penis (rounded head of the penis), when you pull your foreskin down.  It is nothing but smegma - a combination of shed epithelial cells, oily secretion from glans penis and moisture … View thread »

,specialist in COSMETOLOGY and SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES .,Member of International Society for Dermatologic Imaging.,Member of international Society of Dermatology … View thread »

There has been no STD (sexually transmitted disease) identified which can spread through such modes. So, I do not think you need to worry. STD, as the words define, spread by sexual activities and sometimes from mother to fetus. They do not spread through touching … View thread »

Skin specialist and STD specialist (sexually transmitted disease) are the same. So, you go to skin specialist only. If you can upload photos and explain the problem. Revert back with the photos to a dermatologist online --> … View thread »

Yes, oral sex could transmit STD (sexually transmitted disease) and they are herpes simplex, gonorrhea or even syphilis. Infections less frequently passed on include chlamydia, HIV and hepatitis A. But, I must tell you that the risks of getting an STD from … View thread »

Herpes is not a STD always (sexually transmitted disease). It is the reactivation of the old chickenpox you got in childhood. The virus is same, it hides in nerves and never completely goes away. It resurfaces after some time like herpes in a particular dermatome … View thread »

They are neither cyst nor Fordyce spots. Sexually transmitted disease can be a probability. But, for proper diagnosis I need to know the complete history that is the onset, progression and duration of lesion. Did you experience any whole body itching predominantly … View thread »

The condition you are suffering is not STD (sexually transmitted disease) for sure because none of the STD is present like this. There are three most common probability of your problem. Penile Lichen planus: It present in a similar manner with purplish color, … View thread »


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