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Medical Advice on "Sexually Transmitted Diseases"

The sexually transmitted diseases are caused by bacteria, chlamydia and virus ... Modes of Transmission of Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Sexual intercourse is the chief mode … View thread »

... understand is that your cousin is suffering from chronic hepatitis. It is commonly chronic hepatitis B or chronic hepatitis C. If his wife is vaccinated and her anti-HBs levels are sufficient, she will not contract an infection from him. But there is some risk ... … View thread »

Is this any sexually transmitted disease ... This is not a sign of any Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) … View thread »


I do not want to tell my parents that I have been sexually active ... It could be sexually transmitted disease … View thread »

There has been no STD (sexually transmitted disease) identified which can spread through such modes ... Yes, I can assure you that you cannot get STD (sexually transmitted disease) even if it was urine or anything else … View thread »

Skin specialist and STD specialist (sexually transmitted disease) are the same … View thread »

Yes, oral sex could transmit STD (sexually transmitted disease) and they are herpes simplex, gonorrhea or even syphilis … View thread »

Herpes is not a STD always (sexually transmitted disease) … View thread »


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