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Medical Advice on "Acne"

Though acne is commonly seen in oily skin, it can be involve dry skin too due to blockade of oil glands when excessive creams or greasy thick creams are used to moisturize the skin … View thread »

Acne is not a disease by itself, but being chronic in nature it can have a significant impact in shaping the overall personality of a person … View thread »

Although it is not a dangerous condition, acne can leave scars on the skin ... Acne appears in different parts of the body like face, chest, and back … View thread »

It also has a genetic component, meaning the appearance/ severity of acne depends on the genes from parents ... Our skin has a commensal harmless bacteria, called Propionibacterium acnes (P … View thread »

25 cream and Benzaclin gel for my mild acne but ever since I started I have been getting dry and flaky skin around my eyes and mouth and burns on my cheek … View thread »

Sometimes, there is also a sensation of itching throughout the body, but there is no soreness or acne on my body except my left nostril and left arm … View thread »

From your description, he is suffering from acne vulgaris ... Do not squeeze the acne as it may leave a scar permanently … View thread »

I have acne and coarse hair on my body ... Androstenedione is responsible for the symptoms of PCOS, hirsutism an excessive body hair, acne, and oligomenorrhea (infrequent periods) … View thread »

It is not mostly just dark acne scars and I want to get rid of them ... Well, acne is common in your age … View thread »

I am getting acne since the age of 13 ... Acne has several grades depending on the type of lesions … View thread »


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