Acute Otitis Media

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Acute Otitis Media in Children
Article Overview: This article talks about the management of acute otitis media in children.  Read Article »
Dr. Mohammed Osama Aboborda
ENT Otolaryngologist

Otitis media means inflammation of the middle ear cavity with or without mastoid cavity inflammation. Otitis media can be bacterial or viral. The middle ear is a cavity connected to the oropharynx by the eustachian tube and connected with the mastoid cavity by the mastoid antrum. Otitis media is m ...  Read Article »
Homeopathic Management of Acute Otitis Media
Article Overview: Acute otitis media (AOM) is a condition, which is frequently encountered in children under 5 years and one of the most troublesome disease. This article discusses the causes, incidence, risk factors, symptoms, prevention of the disease and role of homeopathy in combating the disease.  Read Article »
Dr. Ashish Kumar Dixit
Homeopathic Physician

Acute otitis media (AOM) is the presence of inflammation in the middle ear accompanied by the rapid onset of signs and symptoms of an ear infection. Causes: Frequently it occurs in infants and children. The most common causative organisms are Streptococcus pneumonia, Hemophilus influenza, Mor ...  Read Article »
My grandson has developed earache and discharge. What should I do?
Query: Hello doctor, I am traveling with my 16 year old grandson. He had an ear ache when he woke up this morning and we saw a doctor here. He prescribed Amoxicillin 500 mg thrice a day. Later, his ear felt better, but it started draining. Now, there is a small amount of bright red blood in the ear canal. ...  Read Full »
Dr. Anshul Varshney
Internal Medicine Physician

Answer: Hello, Welcome to He seems to be suffering from acute otitis media. Yes, you would need to see your doctor again as he would check for signs of a perforation. If no perforation is found, your doctor would add up an antibiotic and antifungal ear drops too. Make sure he does not manipul...  Read Full »
What can I do to unblock my ear and resolve tinnitus?
Query: Hello doctor, I had an upper respiratory tract infection which is now resolved. It was in the acute phase. I had a very painful earache. I am fine now except for a blocked right ear with tinnitus (ringing) and muffled hearing. I can feel a crackling sensation in my outer ear. What can I do to unblo...  Read Full »
Dr. Fazil Shajahan
ENT Otolaryngologist

Answer: Hello, Welcome to According to your symptoms, it looks like you had an acute otitis media. It is common to have a blocked ear after the infection is resolved. You need to do a pure tone audiometry with impedance audiometry to know about your middle ear status and to know about tinni...  Read Full »
How to cure Moraxella catarrhalis infection?
Query: Hi doctor, My daughter is 2 years old. Eight months before, she had ear discharge. It was diagnosed as acute otitis media and she was treated with antibiotics such as Lindacin, etc. A week after the completion of antibiotics, again she had the same problem for about three months. Then, the ENT spec...  Read Full »
Dr. Uphar Gupta
Internal Medicine Physician

Answer: Hi, Welcome to The thing is Moraxella catarrhalis infects primarily in childhood and is very virulent and highly drug resistant. Treatment for the same is quite difficult and frankly speaking very long drawn, requiring surgical debridement in many cases. This can raise CRP very high ind...  Read Full »
Ear Pain - Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment
Article Overview: Ear pain varies from mild ache to extremely severe pain that may disturb the normal day-to-day activities. Read this article to know the cause behind your pain.  Read Article »
Dr. A.k.srivastava
ENT Otolaryngologist

Pain in the ear is one of the most common complaints. It is present in infectious, allergic and malignant diseases of the ear and related structures. Causes of Ear Pain: Few important diseases that cause ear pain are: Acute Perichondritis (swelling, redness and pain) of pinna of ear. Otomycosi ...  Read Article »
Why is there severe pain and hearing loss after ear pricking?
Query: Hello doctor, I am suffering from severe ear pain in my left ear. Today is the third day and I cannot hear properly. It resulted due to pricking my ear.  Read Full »
Dr. Syed Tehmid
ENT Otolaryngologist

Answer: Hi, Welcome to After reading what your complaints are, I think two possibilities are there which can lead to the symptoms you are perceiving. It could be that you already had an underlying infection of the middle ear which can lead to an earache and pricking was incidental or that fid...  Read Full »
Is it normal to have high BP at the time of headache?
Query: Hi doctor, I am a 26 year old male. My height is 5'8" and weight is 75 kg. For two weeks, I have been having a lot of gas and burping without any other discomfort. Due to my tough work schedule in the last week I slept only 3 to 4 hours every day. Now from the last four days, I am feeling pressure a...  Read Full »
Dr. Talal Hussain
Internal Medicine Physician

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I have understood your problem and must say that it is quite a common complaint to my clinic. Here you must understand is that the hormones in our bodies have a lot of important functions including like sleep, mental well being, ability to fight infection, digestion, etc....  Read Full »
How can throbbing and shooting pain in the right ear be treated?
Query: Hello doctor, My 9-year old son is having a throbbing and shooting pain in the right ear. He is crying for the past two hours. I put Otek AC drops in his ear, but there was no use. He got such a pain three years back. Can you please guide me?  Read Full »
Dr. Narasimharaju B G
ENT Otolaryngologist

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I need you to answer a few questions: Is he having a cold? I mean running nose? If yes, since how many days? Is the pain sudden in onset? Had he had such episodes before? For more information consult an ENT Otolaryngologist online --> https://www.icl...  Read Full »
How can the ringing in my ears be treated?
Query: Hello doctor, I have had ringing in my ears for two or three months. My doctor said it was an ear infection in both ears. I had two courses of Augmentin, but it did not improve. I had to change my doctor for some reason. The new doctor gave me Soframycin ear drops but when I went back to her for fo...  Read Full »
Dr. Vinay S Bhat
ENT Otolaryngologist

Answer: Hello, Welcome to You seem to be suffering from tinnitus which is nothing but a ringing sensation in the ears. There are various causes for tinnitus and the most common among them are a sensorineural hearing loss, Eustachian tube dysfunction, otosclerosis, ossicular discontinuity wher...  Read Full »


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