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Medical Advice on "Antibiotics"

While some antibiotics do induce hepatic enzymes to decrease the efficacy of contraceptive pills, Amoxicillin is not one of them and can be safely used without the fear of contraceptive failure … View thread »
Hi doctor,I took antibiotics before a month … View thread »
She was diagnosed with intestinal disease and was given some antibiotics like Flagyl or Metronidazole ...  As you told that your mother had IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), I want to tell you that antibiotics are not the treatment for IBS … View thread »
 I am taking antibiotics for the last 1 month for my symptoms ... No, the antibiotics do not affect the outcome of these tests … View thread »
If the symptoms of cough recur, then start the antibioticsView thread »
In this case, do we need to take antibiotics to clear the infections ... In the 4 weeks of pregnancy itself, she had an infection and took one week of Ceftum 250 mg antibioticsView thread »
The rising titer may suggest an acute infection and antibiotics may be needed … View thread »
Hi doctor, Why do antibiotics clear acne ... This is the reason for using antibiotics for the management of acne along with medicine like retinoids (Adapalene or Isotretinoin) for maintaining keratinization … View thread »
He is not responding to antibiotics and his condition is deteriorating ... Currently he is on appropriate antibioticsView thread »
After a physical exam, both my general physician and a urologist diagnosed it as epididymitis, prescribing a 14-day course of Cipro antibiotics and Ibuprofen … View thread »
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