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Medical Advice on "Antibiotics"

Antibiotic resistance occurs when these bugs (bacteria) gain superpowers and are no longer affected by antibiotics that could initially kill them … View thread »

Antibiotics cause diarrhea due to infection by antibiotic-resistant pathogens such as Staphylococcus aureus, Clostridium difficile, Candida albicans,  … View thread »

While some antibiotics do induce hepatic enzymes to decrease the efficacy of contraceptive pills, Amoxicillin is not one of them and can be safely used without the fear of contraceptive failure … View thread »

Hi doctor,I took antibiotics before a month … View thread »

She was diagnosed with intestinal disease and was given some antibiotics like Flagyl or Metronidazole ...  As you told that your mother had IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), I want to tell you that antibiotics are not the treatment for IBS … View thread »

... title of IgA and IgG antibodies to chlamydia generally indicates active infection but it is an auxiliary test and should also be supplemented by a more specific nucleic acid amplification test (NAAT) on a urine sample. A NAAT test specifically detects ... … View thread »

... likely to be due to balanitis either due to infection or irritation (attachment removed to protect patient identity). Maintaining the hygiene is the most important. Clean the area with warm water two to three times daily. Avoid all harsh soaps or irritant. You can ... … View thread »

 I am taking antibiotics for the last 1 month for my symptoms ... No, the antibiotics do not affect the outcome of these tests … View thread »

If the symptoms of cough recur, then start the antibioticsView thread »

In this case, do we need to take antibiotics to clear the infections ... In the 4 weeks of pregnancy itself, she had an infection and took one week of Ceftum 250 mg antibioticsView thread »


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