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Medical Advice on "Anxiety"

When this anxiety becomes pervasive enough to interfere with other aspects of our daily functioning, it becomes a disorder ... Anxiety disorders are not transient worries or fears which may occur as a part of everyday life … View thread »

Rarely getting small breaks without anxiety ... With your brief description, it appears that you are suffering with some anxiety disorder most probably Generalized Anxiety Disorder … View thread »

GAD can be defined as anxiety and worry about  ... The anxiety and worry of GAD differs from  … View thread »

I had anxiety issues since childhood ... Can anxiety cause polyuria like this clear urine when I am stressed … View thread »

Can it be due to the anxiety ... The twitches that you are feeling may be due to anxiety also … View thread »

The person is taught strategies to cope with their anxiety ... This includes multiple sessions that are designed to gradually reduce their anxiety by exposing them to their fears as well as replacing their negative thoughts with positive ones … View thread »

With anxiety/panic alone, can my heart rate go too high that I cannot calm it down ... Anxiety can cause both normal increase in heart rate as well as abnormally fast rhythms (known as automatic tachycardia) … View thread »

When I got to know that it is for depression and anxiety, I did not take that ... Your symptoms are due to anxiety and not due to Vitamin B12 and D … View thread »

I drank half a beer at a party, and the anxiety disorder relapsed ... It seems to be an anxiety disorder … View thread »


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