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Medical Advice on "Artificial Progesterone"

It is one of the most important hormones, which induce infertility. In case of severe deficiency of progesterone hormone, progesterone cream is used. This article discusses in detail about natural progesterone, its … View thread »

How are you doing ? Usually in the initial few days of pregnancy, you may experience implantation bleeding. The blood that is released from the uterine lining when the embryo penetrates into the uterine lining may be released as few drops of fresh blood or as brown- … View thread »

... normal ovulation process, what are the available creams for improving fertility, and how it is to be used ... … View thread »

I see you have messed up your hormonal balance. Your first step was absolutely right. The principle of emergency contraception is that it is a very high dose of progesterone hormone. This is the same hormone produced in the second half of periods after ovulation. … View thread »

The modern life which relies more on physicality has pressed into the minds of women … View thread »

As you have stated you had small ovaries and uterus, this needs a better clarification. Was it an ultrasonographic finding? What are the medicines you are on? And finally, are you having a regular cycle now? For an IVF (in vitro fertilization), you need a detailed … View thread »

Unwanted 72 is a high dose of progesterone hormone, which is the same hormone produced in the body in the second half of period after ovulation. This pill will suddenly increase the thickness of the inner lining of the uterus, making it unfavorable for a possible … View thread »


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