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Medical Advice on "Blocked Nose"

He underwent CT scan of the sinuses and was recommended surgery due to blocked nose and enlargement of the nasal bone … View thread »

... your query. I understand your concerns. The nasal block is a common issue, and it is usually due to allergy and increase in the winter season.Also, there is Aspirin-induced nasal block and it should be excluded. I suggest Physiomer nasal spray before ... … View thread »

Running nose can be due to upper respiratory tract infection … View thread »

Is the baby having running nose or blocked nose ... a blocked nose, I suggest you put Nasoclear nasal saline drops two drops in each nostril three times a day … View thread »

Do you have a blocked nose, headache or excessive sneezing ... If mucus is coming from your nose to the throat, then you seem to have sinusitis … View thread »

 Can blocked nose cause the child to choke at night ... When the nose is blocked, air entry is achieved through the mouth which stays open ...  She sleeps with little noise from the nose ...  Is it dangerous for 2 years 3 months old to get a running noseView thread »

If there is any chest congestion, blocked nose, fever, etc … View thread »

It is like flu with a bad throat and with a blocked nose ... You can also take Xylomist (Xylometazoline) nasal drops three drops three times daily after steam inhalation for your blocked noseView thread »

These cysts produce nasal symptoms of obstruction or running nose, which can cause a blocked nose in the night and thus mouth breathing ... Sometimes, my nose is runny all day … View thread »

Both have similar actions and will act to decrease the nasal congestion and relieve the blocked noseView thread »


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