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Medical Advice on "Botox Injections"

... image and revert back. Without clinical photographs, it is difficult to comment. Is there a change in color of skin? For more information consult a dermatologist online --> ... … View thread »

Botox injection in spastic muscle will give best results, but speech therapy has to be followed ... Botox has certain duration of action, so the results may last around 6-12 months … View thread »

If treatment is needed, a botox injection does the trick hence do not stress … View thread »

The last Botox shots by GA (six units left side) were a month back and again not successful, leaving me with little or no phonation ... Botox is the only treatment offered in my area ... Last failed botox may be due to fibrosis of muscle due to repeated injectionsView thread »

Botox injections in case of neural dysfunction, etc … View thread »

If the capacity is more than 150 cc then, you can undergo botox injectionsView thread »

Botox injections every three months if medical therapy fails … View thread »

I had negative urine cultures, and I have been told Botox may help me, but I can only have 50 % or so strength due to the weak detrusor ... Can you confirm that Botox and bladder hydrodistention will eliminate constant irritation feeling … View thread »

Botox and fillers are the only options ... Thank you doctor,Is there a required age to get Botox or fillers … View thread »

This led me to look into Botox, specifically the DAO procedure, which essentially freezes up the depressor angularis oris muscle in the face, which prevents frowning, and allows people to smile a lot easier … View thread »


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