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Medical Advice on "Botox Uses"

This led me to look into Botox, specifically the DAO procedure, which essentially freezes up the depressor angularis oris muscle in the face, which prevents frowning, and allows people to smile a lot easier … View thread »

Botox and fillers are the only options ... Thank you doctor,Is there a required age to get Botox or fillers … View thread »

I had negative urine cultures, and I have been told Botox may help me, but I can only have 50 % or so strength due to the weak detrusor ... Can you confirm that Botox and bladder hydrodistention will eliminate constant irritation feeling … View thread »

I have thought about potentially getting minor Botox for just the forehead, but would be afraid it would be too noticeable ... Yes, you can go for Botox (Botulinum toxin) nevertheless I would suggest you to use Cellex C serum and Hydra 5B complex twice daily … View thread »

Is it worth getting a botox to stop frowning till I am healed ... Low dose botox around the scar to prevent the scar from stretching due to facial muscles can also help ... Involuntary frowning causes lines to run through the scar, can this be causing problems … View thread »

Cosmetic Use of Botox: Elimination or cosmetic correction of wrinkles and rhytides on the upper face like crow’s feet wrinkles at the side of our eyes, frown lines or angry lines on the forehead and mid and lower part of the face like the line below eyes, lines around the mouth, chin irregularities and correction of mouth corner ... Other Uses of Botox: It is utilized for the treatment of muscle spasm like in torticollis, palmoplantar and axillary hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) … View thread »

Is botox injectable safe ... Safety of Botox depends on indication … View thread »

... image and revert back. Without clinical photographs, it is difficult to comment. Is there a change in color of skin? For more information consult a dermatologist online --> ... … View thread »

Botox (Botulinum toxin) is one of the most popular treatments nowadays ... In your case the best is BotoxView thread »

- Treatment in cases unresponsive to medication include injections with botox (botulinum toxin), eyelid surgery, and facial nerve decompression surgery ... What Causes the Nerve to Become Hyperactive ... The problem can be due to three main causes: Essential myokymia - due to reduced sleep, excessive coffee/tea, or ocular surface disorders … View thread »


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