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Medical Advice on "Complete Blood Count"

WBC (white blood cells) increase or decrease in the complete blood count can tell about a presence of infection, whether viral or bacterial, but it cannot specify which organism is causing it … View thread »

Repeat CBC (complete blood count) with PS (peripheral smear) examination after week ... There is a mild elevation of total leukocyte count and absolute lymphocytes count is slightly high … View thread »

Only the CBC (complete blood count) and HbA1c reports are available … View thread »

Please do CBC (complete blood count) and a chest x-ray before starting Dexona (Dexamethasone) as it is a steroid … View thread »

You should have a complete blood count test and a hemoglobin level test as you might be suffering from iron deficiency anemia ... Also, measure your blood pressure as you might have hypotension … View thread »

Have you ever done a complete blood count ... CBC (complete blood count) … View thread »

I have seen your CBC (complete blood count) report attached here (attachment removed to protect patient identity) ...  Please help me in understanding my blood counts ... My WBC count is 10,300 now ...  I am worried due to the high WBC countView thread »

You need to repeat your CBC (complete blood count) after three to five days ... If lymphocytes count is normal then the chances of cancer are very less … View thread »

I have gone through your CBC (Complete Blood Count) reports (attachment removed to protect patient identity) Based on your query, my opinion is as follows: Your RBC count is high and this condition is called as polycythemia … View thread »

... has absolute lymphocytosis. Repeat CBC (complete blood count) after one week along with complete peripheral smear examination to look for abnormal malignant cells like blasts. If the count does not come down, then investigate with flow cytometry ... … View thread »


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