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Medical Advice on "Conception And Pregnancy"

Regarding Conception and Pregnancy:  Young couples should wait at least one year to have children ... Misconceptions about OCP are much prevalent, but it is one of the safest drugs ... In any case it is much safer than taking abortion pill for unwanted pregnancyView thread »

Difficultly in conception could be because of hormonal changes, problems related to tubes and ovaries, or some seminal problems in your partner … View thread »

There is a big misconception in the minds of many patients and sadly some doctors too, that rest is going to help pregnancy a lot ... Pregnancy is not a disease … View thread »

... read your query. In ayurveda or any other branch of medicine, there is no medication that will help you to conceive a baby boy. No medication can do that. Moreover, the chromosome responsible for baby boy (Y chromosome) is inherited by the male partner, that ... … View thread »

... go for tooth extraction in a week or two after child birth as the amount of local anesthesia that can reach the breast milk is very less and does not cause any serious complication. However, you should once consult a neonatologist or your obstetrician and ... … View thread »

... she had, was mostly probably PSVT (paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia) or other SVT (supraventricular tachycardia), which are usually episodic in nature. So, the reading which you had of 123 was probably not due to her old heart problem PSVT, but ... … View thread »

As your wife is hypothyroid, the need for thyroid hormones increases by 50% in pregnancy ... It gives the calcium needed for pregnancyView thread »

... to see the report and scan copies first and then I can comment better on that. There can be a fullness of renal pelvis and it can be normal. As far as another kidney is concerned, they have written as you said obscured. That mean they cannot find in that scan. ... … View thread »

Hypothyroidism can affect the fetal brain development, especially in early pregnancy ... In early pregnancy, fetus mainly depends on mother's thyroid level because fetus itself cannot produce up to around 11 to 12 weeks (three months) … View thread »

So, just focus on the present and start trying for pregnancy ... In fact, if you get pregnant and pregnancy goes up to term or near term, then there is a chance of cure from adenomyosis theoretically … View thread »


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