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How can I lower my BP?
Query: Hello doctor, I have high BP from last night 160/110 but I am not feeling anything wrong. I am 60 years. I have taken Amlodipine 5 mg one tablet last night but I have a sleepless night. Should l take the same medicine 10 mg now?  Read Full »
Dr. Parth R Goswami
Family Physician, General Practitioner, Hematologist, Pathologist

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Your blood pressure is high considering your age. Although you are asymptomatic you need to control blood pressure to avoid complications related to high blood pressure. If Amlodipine 5 mg cannot able to control blood pressure than combination antihypertensive medicati...  Read Full »
I have low sexual interest. Can I take Vigorex?
Query: Hello doctor,I am a 47 year old male, height 178 cm and weight 81 kg taking Olmesartan 40 mg for BP daily morning. Occasionally, I drink from two years and diabetic. My diabetic doctor had not prescribed any medicine and suggested exercise with diet control and I am doing so. Nowadays, I feel weak, ...  Read Full »
Dr. Jani Basha
Internal Medicine Physician

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I have gone through the message you have sent. The reason for hyposexuality is multifactorial. Maintain good blood glucose control, blood pressure levels, and have a healthy diet. Avoid stressors. You can have Vigorex if your physician suggests so, but not fo...  Read Full »
Is gym workout good for health and stress?
Query: Hello doctor, Is gym workout good for health and stress? Please suggest me as I want to join the gym.  Read Full »
Dr. Chandra Prakash Tanwar
Internal Medicine Physician

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Any kind of workout is good for health and stress. In particular, aerobic exercises like walking, running on a treadmill, Zumba dancing, etc., are good for overall health. It not only helps lose weight but also controls blood pressure, blood sugar, serum triglyceride...  Read Full »
What does grade 1 diastolic dysfunction in echocardiogram indicate?
Query: Hello doctor, I have anxiety for the last five months. Recently, I had an echocardiogram, it says grade 1 diastolic dysfunction of the left ventricle with E/A ratio 0.7. Rest other parameters of the echo are fine. Sometimes my diastolic BP goes to 90 due to anxiety. Can you please tell what is this...  Read Full »
Dr. Muhammad Zohaib Siddiq

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Diastolic dysfunction in the echo is, in fact, abnormal function of the left ventricle during relaxation phase that is diastole (attachment removed to protect patient identity). It occurs when left ventricle muscle is hypertrophied due to increased blood pressure. Gr...  Read Full »
Do I have sinus bradycardia based on the reports?
Query: Hi doctor,I am 57 years old female. I am doing my annual health check-up for last three years. Below are some variation in my report this year, with respect to normal range. Could you please share your advice regarding this:E.C.G - Sinus Bradycardia (except this normal study. Same is there in the re...  Read Full »
Dr. Sagar Ramesh Makode

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I have gone through your reports (attachment removed to protect patient identity) and they are fine. Even heart issue of sinus bradycardia appears to be fine. This is likely an age related change and slowing of the heart rate. I guess you do not have any symptoms o...  Read Full »
High Blood Pressure: Things You Need To Know!!
Article Overview: High blood pressure is a very common condition with serious consequences if left untreated. This article is aimed at providing basic knowledge about the causes, treatment, complications and prognosis of hypertension.  Read Article »
Dr. Pir Muhammad Siddique

High Blood Pressure or Hypertension is a very common and serious condition which if untreated may lead to permanent and often fatal damage to various organs of the body including the heart, kidneys, brain and eyes. Hypertension means the pressure of the blood inside the blood vessels is higher than ...  Read Article »
My BP is normal at home, but high in the clinic. Why?
Query: Hi doctor, I have been regularly taking hypertension medicines Amlopin-M and Omnitan-H for a long time. My blood pressure was normal when measured at home with the help of an automatic BP monitor and a mercury sphygmomanometer by a doctor's assistant in my home. But, in the clinic, my doctor diagnos...  Read Full »
Dr. Muhammad Zohaib Siddiq

Answer: Hi, Welcome to You are taking antihypertensive medicines (attachment removed to protect patient identity). Blood pressure remains in control, but elevated in the doctor's clinic is called as white coat hypertension and it is due to the stress you may develop in clinic. You took LN-Bloc ...  Read Full »
My husband has suprascapular aneurysm. How to reduce the risk of rupture?
Query: Hi doctor, My husband is 30 years old. He is generally in good health. Three weeks ago he noticed a pulsating mass above his clavicle. He has some shoulder pain, but no neurological or other symptoms. He went to his primary care physician and had an ultrasound yesterday, which reported that he has ...  Read Full »
Dr. Arvind Guru
General Surgeon

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Aneurysms of blood vessels of the limbs are better treated than left alone because they will not decrease by themselves and can lead to rupture with day-to-day activity. The risk of rupture is increased with, Direct injury to the site. Raised blood pressure. The large si...  Read Full »
Please advise the treatment for my mother's eye problem from the OCT report.
Query: Hello doctor, My mother is 60 years old. She has diabetes and high blood pressure for the past 10 years. Recently, her vision in the right eye was deteriorated. Her doctor did retina OCT and fluorescein angiography. I consulted two other doctors. The first one said that she needs three doses of Luce...  Read Full »
Dr. Vaibhev Mittal
Eye Care Ophthalmologist

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I have reviewed the reports (attachment removed to protect patient identity). Your mother seems to have BRVO (branch retinal vein occlusion) with macular edema. The treatment is two-fold. The treatment of the eye. Control of systemic conditions like blood pressure and ...  Read Full »
After 30 years of mitral stenosis surgery, another valve has got defect. What to do?
Query: Hi doctor, The patient suffered from mitral stenosis. Before 30 years, he had surgical operation. Presently, he is suffering from chest pain. After thorough checkup, it reveals that the other valve of the patient got defective. In this regard, we seek your valuable advice. Is it possible to get surg...  Read Full »
Dr. Salah Saad Shoman
Internal Medicine Physician

Answer: Hi, Welcome to If you are considering a valve replacement surgery, then you need a strict control of blood pressure and blood glucose level, which are both higher than normal levels (attachment removed to protect patient identity). Also, you should know that the 30 month survival after ...  Read Full »


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