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Correction Of Face Structure

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... seen the picture sent by you (attachment removed to protect patient identity). Yeah, definitely I can see that you have a little bit elongated lips on one side and that is what is making it asymmetrical. The solution for this is either surgical which will be ... … Read More »

... as I could see the face looks great. However, if you are looking for the nose job or other surgical procedures, then my suggestion is to go for a non-surgical procedure first.You can get a non-surgical procedure such as a dermal filler for both face and nose to tweak ... … Read More »

... can undergo surgery to reduce the lower jaw i.e, mandible by around 5mm or so if needed. It is only a slight difference. The advantage is slight increase in aesthetics later on probably. Some disadvantage is always present like you said i.e, nerve ... … Read More »

... to see a picture for finding a complete treatment plan. Some type of cases can be corrected by using braces or orthodontic treatment, but some require a surgical procedure to correct them. Revert back with the photos to a dentist online --> ... … Read More »

... your query and understand your concerns. I completely agree with the first problem although it is unlikely to be related to circumcision. I also feel that the underneath scar tissue is responsible for the closing of the pee hole rather than the procedure which was ... … Read More »

... neck or low back pain by both the patient and the treating doctor is essential in establishing an accurate diagnosis and effectively managing the condition ... … Read More »

... it is achalasia cardia (failure of smooth muscle relaxation in esophagus). My advice is to get a barium meal x-ray of esophagus for a definitive diagnosis. Revert back with the x-ray to a medical gastroenterologist online --> ... … Read More »

... understand you are worried about your heart investigations. At-large there is nothing they found on later EKG (electrocardiography) report. And in both the reports (attachment removed to protect patient identity) heart markers troponin-I is normal and in range ... … Read More »


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