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Medical Advice on "Correction Of Face Structure"

After the filler dissolves over few months, you can go ahead with surgical correction such as nose job or maybe a fat injection for the face ... One is the real photo of the left side, and the other one is the mirror image of the right side of my face ... As far as I could see the face looks great … View thread »

You can do rhinoplasty or nasal bone correction to straighten the surface and give sharper look ... I want a jaw setback surgery as I find my face structure very unappealing … View thread »

... to see a picture for finding a complete treatment plan. Some type of cases can be corrected by using braces or orthodontic treatment, but some require a surgical procedure to correct them. Revert back with the photos to a dentist online --> ... … View thread »

 In case my assumption is not true, the only option left for correction of the problem is a surgical correction of the anomaly … View thread »

The facet joints are bony plates attached to the vertebrae which block excessive movement in some directions while allowing more movement in  ... There are two main structures which control this movement … View thread »

We cannot wait, because you may face more and more problem and may have mental stress worsen … View thread »

... understand you are worried about your heart investigations. At-large there is nothing they found on later EKG (electrocardiography) report. And in both the reports (attachment removed to protect patient identity) heart markers troponin-I is normal and in range ... … View thread »


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