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Medical Advice on "Cough"

We conducted X-ray which indicated too much cough congestion in the chest and TLC count was 18K ... One day, due to too much cough she vomited, and she was injected with a medicine to stop it and it worked … View thread »

I was shocked because I never had a cough since September ... Before the month of September, my cough lasted only for a week and then suddenly went off and I feel all right until now … View thread »

After this incident, I am having a little cough and small red spots on my hand … View thread »

Multiple times a day I will gag and cough up mucus ... Sometimes violent coughing can lead to specks of blood in sputum … View thread »

But, the cough is still persisting and troubling me ... You have a cough from two weeks along with expectoration … View thread »

When I wake up in the morning, I cough up a lot of clear and white phlegm and get a stabbing pain in my lower left back ... A productive cough associated with shortness of breath and chest pain always indicates a need for clinical examination and appropriate special investigations as follows … View thread »

Since one week she is suffering with bad dry cough ... For every 5 to 10 minutes she gets coughView thread »

He is having a cough and cold for past five days ... A child with a history of fever and cough-cold for five days definitely needs further investigation … View thread »

I had some cough and cold last month due to drinking chilled beverages ... If I try to cough forcefully to clear the throat, I get a strange smell in my nose … View thread »

While in sleep she is coughing continuously ... During daytime, no coughing occurs … View thread »


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