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... not a viral infection but a bacterial infection as her TLC has increased. Also, diabetic patients are prone to such infection. Treatment is antibiotics, which she has been started by her physician. In most patients, this resolves with a week. Continue other ... … Read More »

... infiltration in the right upper lobe does not confirm tuberculosis. It needs clinical correlation and further investigations. You need an apicolordotic view of chest x-ray. It gives an excellent view of apical region of lungs. Because, in the normal ... … Read More »

... encounters are a risk factor for multiple STDs including HIV. Condom slippage is considered as condom failure, and it is regarded as unprotected act. However, the risk of acquiring HIV through the sexual route is as low as 0.02 to 0.5 %. HIV has a ... … Read More »

... read through your query and went through the attachment you sent (attachment removed to protect patient identity). Sometimes violent coughing can lead to specks of blood in sputum. You said that you have chest congestion and greenish sputum. That means you ... … Read More »

... through your post. You have a cough from two weeks along with expectoration. You have taken antibiotics and antiallergic medicines, but you have not mentioned the name of the antibiotic which you have taken. I would suggest a few things: Any person ... … Read More »

... cough associated with shortness of breath and chest pain always indicates a need for clinical examination and appropriate special investigations as follows. Clinical examination with auscultation (using a stethoscope). Chest x-ray. Sputum specimen for ... … Read More »

... went through your query and the prescription (attachment removed to protect patient identity). Most likely your wife might be having throat infection for which she has not received proper treatment. I recommend her to get a test called throat swab culture sensitivity ... … Read More »

... your concern. A child with a history of fever and cough-cold for five days definitely needs further investigation. Do blood test (CBC) to rule out bacterial infection. If he is having difficulty in breathing you must do X-ray as well. Do warm saline ... … Read More »

... have pharyngitis. The ear pain is also due to pharyngeal infection causing Eustachian tube blockage. The coughing in the air-conditioned environment is due to dryness in the throat. Please send me the pictures of your throat, so that I can suggest you ... … Read More »

... your baby has no other symptoms such as fever or runny nose accompanying the cough, my understanding is that this is a very simple issue of post nasal drip aggravating the gag reflex. This means that nasal secretions flow back into the throat causing a ... … Read More »


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