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Medical Advice on "Culture And Sensitivity"

When was the swab culture and sensitivity done? Did you take Augmentin before or after it started? And for how long? Is the discharge purulent, clear or white thick? Do you have any other complaints like pain or itching? Do you have any other medical conditions like … View thread »

This is due to high blood pressure. Her urine culture and sensitivity report attached (attachment removed to protect patient identity) is negative, meaning there is no known pathogen in her urine that may have caused the infection. Her uric acid levels are not that much … View thread »

Is it accompanied by joint pains? Have you done urine culture and sensitivity? Left varicocele causes should be ruled by doing a complete ultrasonography of the abdomen and CT KUB (kidney, ureter and bladder). Serum PSA (prostate specific antigen) should be checked. Have … View thread »

Blood Hemoglobin Level: As females who are anemic (low hemoglobin … View thread »

You are right. You have symptoms of urinary tract infection (UTI). Please get a urine culture and sensitivity done. We can start the appropriate antibiotic then. Meanwhile, have plenty of water of about 10-15 glasses a day to flush out the toxins. Revert back … View thread »

You might be suffering from the resistant strain of Mycoplasma. I would advise you to go for culture and sensitivity test. The sensitivity test would tell us about the mycoplasma sensitive antibiotic.Nevertheless, I suggest trying Doxycycline 100 mg, twice daily for 21 … View thread »

I have read your concern. It is better to take discharge over swab and send it for culture and sensitivity. If you have any growth over it, then get treated based on the sensitivity. For further information consult a dermatologist online --> … View thread »

From what you have mentioned, most probably you have a chest infection. A chest X-ray is required. Culture and sensitivity test of the phlegm is required to guide our antibiotic therapy. The diarrhea is most probably due to Amoxicillin. Do you have any problems in … View thread »

I have read and understood your problem. Urinary incontinence is a common complication after surgical removal of uterus. You should do her urine culture and sensitivity test, also blood sugar PP (postprandial). If the problem is only at night then she should stop taking … View thread »

You may be suffering from a urine infection. So, if possible, I suggest you get urine routine, culture and sensitivity report. The above test will diagnose urine infection, if present. Meanwhile, you should drink plenty of fluids, take syrup … View thread »


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