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Deep Brain Stimulation

Related Terms: Parkinson's Disease, Headache, Stress Management, Hypothyroidism, Tsh Level, Hypertension, Anxiety Attacks

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Why is there a skin discoloration in my back?
Query: Hi doctor, I have been diagnosed with cervical dystonia, a chronic neck disorder for most of my adult life. It is extremely debilitating and treatment resistant. The onset was after car accidents, stress and substance abuse at age from 19 to 21. I am no longer smoke or drink and have stopped before ...  Read Full »
Dr. Salah Saad Shoman
Internal Medicine Physician

Answer: Hi, Welcome to icliniq.com. Your treatment plan seems efficient, but still did not match up to your satisfaction. The remaining two treatment options that you have not tried are deep brain stimulation and sensory trick, which is a stimulation applied to the affected or nearby body part that...  Read Full »
After DBS, I am getting violent myoclonus attack. Is it due to Clonazepam?
Query: Hi doctor, After deep brain stimulation surgery for generalized dystonia 18 months ago, I have developed mild startle myoclonus a fortnight later and was prescribed 0.5 mg Clonazepam. Since being on Clonazepam, I developed mild anxiety and my myoclonus continued to worsen. Now, I have violent full...  Read Full »
Dr. Anshul Varshney
Internal Medicine Physician

Answer: Hi, Welcome to icliniq.com. We are here to help you. Reading your complete details I understand your concern and pain. First of all I would say that Clonazepam does not increase anxiety. You might be having myoclonus following DBS as it is a known adverse effect of DBS (deep brain stimulation). ...  Read Full »
My dad had a seizure-like attack after a DBS surgery. Can it be treated?
Query: Hello doctor, My father had undergone deep brain stimulation surgery for Parkinson's six months ago. I have been visiting his neurosurgeon to fine tune the stimulation. There have been significant changes post surgery. But, his speech is slurred when movements are alright and when speech is fine, h...  Read Full »
Dr. Devavrat Harihar Nene

Answer: Hello, Welcome to icliniq.com. Parkinsonism is very rarely associated with seizures. If it was diagnosed to be epilepsy, I think he should be started on treatment for the same. I would suggest tablet Valproate 500 mg twice a day. Get an MRI brain done. For more information consult a neurologist ...  Read Full »
Brain Stimulation Techniques in Psychiatry
Article Overview: Novel brain stimulation techniques have cropped up in the field of psychiatry. These have brought about a paradigm and tectonic shift in the way health care is delivered. The focus of this article will be on the newer modalities of brain stimulation in the treatment of complex neuropsychiatric disorders.  Read Article »
Dr. Alok Vinod Kulkarni

Brain stimulation therapy is a broad term that encompasses a set of techniques used to stimulate brain cells. After having psychotherapy and highly effective psychotropics in their treatment armamentarium, psychiatrists are now foraying into the field of interventional psychiatry. However, these the ...  Read Article »
Parkinson's Disease: Historical Aspects and Current Treatment Approaches
Article Overview: This article discusses the historical aspects of Parkinsonism and, the evidence based approaches currently available for its treatment. Focus is also given to the non-motor manifestations and the neurobehavioral abnormalities. Both medical and surgical modalities of treatment find a mention.  Read Article »
Dr. Alok Vinod Kulkarni

Parkinsonism Parkinsonism is a syndrome manifested by a combination of six cardinal features. They are: Resting tremors. Increased tone of the muscles (aka rigidity). Slowness of movements (bradykinesia). Loss of postural reflexes. Bent or flexed posture. Freezing of gai ...  Read Article »
Am I Depressed? Warning Signs
Article Overview: Often, we use the word 'depression' loosely in our everyday life. Depression is mainly associated with low mood, crying, sadness, and sulking. If these symptoms are not treated immediately, it might become a prevailing issue in the long run. Also, frequently we come across people who require help, but we are unsure of what to say to the friend who is currently facing a break-up or someone who has lost a loved one. How to identify these signs and symptoms in ourselves and people around us? How can you contribute to lending a helping hand to them? Here is a brief introduction to depression to aid in sensitization of the public.  Read Article »
Dr. Akanksha Sharma

We have all faced ups and downs in our lives, and we agree that feeling down from time to time is a normal part of life. But, when emotions such as helplessness and hopelessness take over of your life, and you find yourself struggling to cope up, you may have depression. Simply speaking, depression ...  Read Article »
Treat Tachycardia (increased heart rate) with Home Remedies!!
Article Overview: This article discusses in detail the home remedies to control heart rate.  Read Article »
Dr. Vidhi Hareshbhai Talati

Tachycardia means increased heart rate above the normal limit. The normal range of heart rate is 70 to 100 beats per minute. Usually the term tachycardia means heart rate above 100 beats per minute. Tachycardia increases the rhythm and rate of any two chambers or all chambers of the heart. Heart rat ...  Read Article »
How to handle a schizoaffective disorder patient? What are the best treatment options?
Query: Hi doctor, My brother is 37 years old. He is suffering from schizophrenia or schizoaffective (confused) disorder for the last three and a half years. The symptoms are an auditory hallucination, delusion, aggression, speaking to himself, grandiosity, and racing thoughts. Initially, for one and a ...  Read Full »
Dr. Ashok Kumar Choudhary

Answer: Hi, Welcome to icliniq.com. I read your query with keen interest and understood your concern about the poor response of your brother to the current antipsychotics. First of all, I feel Aripiprazole will make the best choice as he is also having hypertension and gallbladder issues. Almost all the ava...  Read Full »
I had ovulatory dysfunction. Can you suggest a way for me to start a family?
Query: Hello doctor, I have had ovulatory dysfunction for about seven years. About a year ago, my husband and I decided to try starting for a family. Not seeing any success, we visited a fertility doctor about two weeks ago, she prescribed hormone blood tests. My test results are estradiol serum: 13 pg/ml...  Read Full »
Dr. R Balakrishnan Menon
Obstetrician And Gynaecologist

Answer: Hello, Welcome to icliniq.com. How are you doing? Let me get a few facts straight in relation to the hormones and ovulation, thereby pregnancy. 28 years is a very good age to get pregnant. Your weight is within the normal range. So, anovulatory possibilities are low. Prolactin and Luteinising hormo...  Read Full »
Article Overview: Masturbation is the sexual self-stimulation of the genitals for sexual arousal and pleasure to the point of a sexual climax (orgasm). It is a method of self gratification.  Read Article »
Dr. Seikhoo Bishnoi

Masturbation Overview Masturbation is the sexual self-stimulation of the genitals for sexual arousal and pleasure to the point of a sexual climax (orgasm). It is a method of self gratification. It is usually achieved by touching or massaging the penis or the clitoris until you orgasm. It is a very ...  Read Article »


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