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Medical Advice on "Depression"

It is important to understand that feeling sad is different from clinical depression ... While a low mood due to sadness is temporary and situational, depression is a serious condition and all-pervasive … View thread »

Depression in simple words is a state of mood imbalance ... Depression does not start all of a sudden … View thread »

One of the most common examples of this being the prevalence of depression in diabetic patients and vice versa ... Epidemiologically speaking, depression affects one in twenty persons and occurs more in females than in males … View thread »

I lost 4 kg due to depression ... Is it due to depressionView thread »

Though I am yet to have my menopause, I have been experiencing the symptoms of menopause like hot flushes, casual anxiety, occasional depression, insecurity, etc … View thread »

Please suggest me the treatment for depression ... Have you consulted a psychiatrist or your cardiologist regarding medicines for depressionView thread »

From what you have described, you could be suffering from depression ... Depression of such intensity requires medication and cure is possible in such cases … View thread »

Before marriage, I had taken Serta 25 mg and Serta 50 mg to get cure from depressionView thread »

Check your Depression, Anxiety and Stress Level using this Tool … View thread »

A number of research studies have shown that regular exercise could be of high potential in the management of depression or symptoms of depressionView thread »


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