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Medical Advice on "Diabetes"

But by having a fair knowledge of the disease and adopting certain lifestyle changes we may prevent or at least delay this disease … View thread »

With little changes in lifestyle and attitude, you can lead a normal and happy life just like anybody else … View thread »

It is very essential for us to know to avoid the complications of diabetes. Micro-vascular complications will involve eyes, kidneys and nerves in common. But early detection and prevention will avoid permanent disability … View thread »

This quiz is an easy way for one to learn diabetes management … View thread »

This article will provide an overview about how people can control their blood sugar level after adopting a healthy lifestyle … View thread »

I have gone through the report (attachment removed to protect patient identity). The HIV antibodies test, which is a DUO (drug utilization observation) test, is negative after three months of exposure. It is conclusive that you are free from HIV (human … View thread »

I am sorry to know that despite the best efforts you are not responding with current antidepressants and there are active symptoms. I suggest the following treatment given a diagnosis of diabetes with depression. Tablet Duloxetine (Duzela M) 30 mg in the morning and 30 … View thread »

I think you are worrying too much. You are just 19. Enjoy life. The fluctuations in your weight will be most probably because of your different habits of eating and playing. When your eating more than you play, you are bound to gain weight. Right? The cramps in … View thread »

We are here to help you. Diabetes is a big problem and so, the pregnancy during diabetes is labeled as high risk pregnancy. It is very uncertain to know what side effect might occur. However, the side effects can vary from person to person. It is very difficult to … View thread »

You are already taking Amaryl (Glimepiride) 2 mg and Janumet 50/1000 (Sitagliptin and Metformin) twice but still, your blood sugar is not under control. Are you following dietary restrictions properly? Your weight is on the higher side. I suggest the dose of … View thread »


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