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Medical Advice on "Diabetes"

In this bulletin, diabetes mellitus (type 2) has been elaborated, as the disease is fast affecting our younger generation ... The following precautions may prevent or delay the onset of diabetes: Maintain ideal body weight, BMI (Body Mass Index), as obesity can trigger the disease … View thread »

Make these simple lifestyle changes and experience the difference in your fight against diabetes ... Pre-packaged and processed foods get rapidly absorbed in the first part of the intestine and no food is left to reach the last part of intestines where a few hormones are released which help in controlling diabetesView thread »

It is very important factor for individuals to be independent in their life" Diabetes is a metabolic syndrome entity which is characterized by hyperglycemia, high blood pressure and dyslipedemia … View thread »

Answers: Question 1: Do you need to test blood sugar level to diagnose diabetes ... a) Diabetes can be diagnosed without a blood test b) A test is essential to diagnose diabetes Answer: b … View thread »

The initial symptoms of diabetes include excessive thirst, excessive hunger, frequent urination and fatigue ... Types of Diabetes Diabetes is further divided into two types: Type 1 diabetes or Diabetes insipidus or Insulin dependent diabetesView thread »

... to test your knowledge about diabetes. This quiz is an easy way for one to learn diabetes management ... … View thread »

I would like to mention that I have diabetes from past five years and I am currently on Istamet 50/1000 mg ...  As I am a diabetic and take a diabetes medicine, will this have an effect on the test results … View thread »

I guess it is because of diabetes ... I suggest the following treatment given a diagnosis of diabetes with depression … View thread »

She was diagnosed with type-2 diabetes with HbA1c of 10 three months back and was prescribed with Jalra (50/500), Invokana (100) ... That is probably why your wife is now on Melmet 500 (Metformin) which is the first-line drug for diabetesView thread »

Can diabetes cause swollen lymph nodes ... And what are the chances that what is happening to me is diabetesView thread »


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