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Medical Advice on "Diabetes"

 Regarding his medicine for diabetes, you might try and give him tablet Glycomet-GP 3 at lunch and observe his sugar levels … View thread »

It is well known that diabetes during pregnancy is a forerunner for diabetes in later life ... Adhering to a strict diet and regular exercise may reverse diabetes completely in early stages … View thread »

To confirm that I have gestation diabetes I am going to repeat my test and I have been following the required diet before the test ... You are suffering from gestational diabetes mellitus without any doubt … View thread »

The doctor said that it is pregnancy diabetes and after delivery,  ... And, I want to know if pregnancy diabetes will go away or not … View thread »

From the report (attachment removed to protect patient identity) it is found that your father has overt diabetes and should be managed efficiently to prevent the complications … View thread »

I am suffering from both blood pressure and diabetes ... For blood pressure and diabetes, I hope you will control them with medication and lifestyle changes … View thread »

Chronic carbohydrates based diet and less vitamin D caused diabetes in you … View thread »

Symptoms of Diabetes: Symptoms are frequent urination, increased thirst, increased hunger, tingling in the feet, fatigue and weakness, delayed healing, diminished vision, itching in the private parts and repeated abortion … View thread »


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