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Medical Advice on "Diabetic Diet"

Follow the diabetic diet and exercise daily for at least 30 minutes ... Kindly provide proper drug and diet for managing blood sugar … View thread »

Your levels are indicating that you are diabetic ... I recommend you to start diabetic diet and exercise regularly ... Diet to be followed: Avoid sweets, fruit juice and carbonated drinks … View thread »

Strictly follow a diabetic diet plan with complex carbohydrate diet with a split of seven to eight meals per day ... What diet should I follow ... It needs to be monitored very strictly with diet so that it will help to manage the present condition and avoid kidney problems … View thread »

... all, I am surprised why have you stopped taking medicines? Medication does not cure diabetes; they control it and hence do keep continuing medications. Coming to your diabetic diet: You need to eat food in small quantities, but frequently. Avoid sweets and ... … View thread »

There are two ways of diabetes management: Lifestyle changes - It includes diabetic diet, daily exercise and cholesterol and weight management … View thread »

I am diabetic since 15 years and have BP for the past 20 years ... Take dietician opinion for a diabetic diet ... You need to reduce your weight and modify your diet and lifestyle … View thread »

Meanwhile, start diabetic diet ... Does this mean that I am diabetic or a high disposition to diabetes ... Avoid sugar and high carbohydrate dietView thread »

I would advise daily brisk walking for 45 minutes at least six days a week, eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and a diabetic dietView thread »

Also, let me know whether you are strictly following diabetic diet or not ... Uncontrolled sugar can be due to inadequate dose of Insulin, not following proper diet and less physical activity or exercise … View thread »

Till then you need to follow a strict diabetic diet ... Please suggest a diet to take care of diabetes and creatinine level … View thread »


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