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Xerosis (Dry Skin): How to Get Rid of It?
Article Overview: Dry skin is not only a cosmetic concern, but it also indicates that your skin is not in the best of health. Although, it is more common as one ages, cracking and thinning of skin can also affect younger individuals in certain circumstances. This article talks in detail about the medical condition of dry skin and how to deal with it.  Read Article »
Dr. Vasantha K S

Skin is the largest organ in the body. It not only protects your body from the entry of toxins, pollutants, and ultraviolet rays, it also is the primary defense mechanism for infections and disease. Skin that is well hydrated is able to protect the body better. Xerosis is the medical term used to d ...  Read Article »
Kindly give me suggestions to manage dry skin.
Query: Hello doctor, I have a very dry skin to the point that it is stinging and very uncomfortable. Kindly give me recommendations for managing very dry skin. I am taking Iron supplements now. Previously, used to take Hydrocortisone.  Read Full »
Dr. Ashwini V Swamy

Answer: Hi, Welcome to icliniq.com. Extreme dry skin can be because of cold weather or part of eczema or low thyroid hormones or ichthyosis (fish like scales). Do you have a history of eczema? Let me give you a few skin care tips for dry skin in general. Avoid a hot shower, use warm water instead. Use mil...  Read Full »
I developed itchy and dry skin after dyeing hair in salon. Can you have a look?
Query: Hello doctor, I have a question about my skin condition. I have developed a really itchy and dry skin after I dyed my hair. Here are the symptoms. I do not know what the condition is as my appointment is months away. Can I attach pictures?  Read Full »
Dr. Suvash Sahu

Answer: Hi, Welcome to icliniq.com. I have seen your query and examined your given picture (attachment removed to protect patient identity). It seems you have developed allergic contact dermatitis to hair dye. Though you may not have had this on your previous exposure, now onwards you may have a severe re...  Read Full »
How can I cure dry skin around my lips that is peeling off?
Query: Hello doctor, My skin around the lip is always dry and peeling off. I tried applying all natural moisturizers like ghee, olive oil, etc. My doctor has asked me to take Neurobion for vitamin deficiency. Still, no improvement related to dryness. Kindly suggest a remedy for this.  Read Full »
Dr. Kakkar S
Dermatologist, HIV AIDS Specialist, Venereologist

Answer: Hi, Welcome to icliniq.com. I suggest you apply Flutivate (Fluticasone propionate) cream, twice daily for a week. Thereafter, I suggest you apply NMF-e lip balm, 2 to 3 times in a day. For more information consult a dermatologist online --> https://www.icliniq.com/ask-a-doctor-online/dermatolo...  Read Full »
Please suggest tips for very dry skin.
Query: Hello doctor,I am a 20 year old female. I have too much dry skin. I mean extra dry skin. I use almond oil and moisturizing soap, but it is not effective.  Read Full »
Dr. Ashwini V Swamy

Answer: Hi, Welcome to icliniq.com. The skin has to be moisturized well soon after a shower. Use a moisturizer which has ceramide in it like Eucerine moisturizer. Apply to body as soon as you come out of a shower. Continue using a moisturizing soap. Avoid hot shower, use warm water. Drink two to three l...  Read Full »
How to treat a red dry skin on the scrotum?
Query: Hi doctor, I found a red dry skin on my scrotum today. What is is? Is it dangerous? How can I treat it? I am still a virgin. I have attached the pictures of the dry skin.  Read Full »
Dr. Gaurang Gupta

Answer: Hello, Welcome to icliniq.com. I have seen the pictures (attachment removed to protect patient identity). It looks like scrotal dermatitis. Try doing the following. If it is itching, I suggest you take tablet Teczine (Levocetirizine hydrochloride) 10 mg, once in the night for a month. Also, mix equa...  Read Full »
What can be done for hair fall and dry skin?
Query: Hello doctor, I am 22 years old girl now and am having hair fall. What should I do now? And my skin is dry skin. Which is the best cream for my face and which body lotion is best for me?  Read Full »
Dr. Arul Amuthan

Answer: Hi, Welcome to icliniq.com. For hair fall, apply Bringharaja thailam or Neeli bringharaja thailam. Use fingers to do the scalp massage with this oil. After one hour of oil-finger massage, the bath should be taken in warm water. This has to be continued weekly twice (minimum) to daily. For the hair...  Read Full »
Why does the skin on my leg feel dry after washing?
Query: Hi doctor, My skin on my legs feels dry after washing. I need to apply lotion immediately after I wash. However, after about an hour the skin feels tight and dry again. Is this dry or dehydrated skin? I am using Aveeno, could this be causing it? In the forearm, back of neck and underarms I have ...  Read Full »
Dr. Sudhir Kumar N

Answer: Hello, Welcome to icliniq.com. I have read about your query. Dryness of the skin depends on the type of the skin individually. Since you are on moisturizer Aveeno, you can continue it with the following tips. Apply a moisturizer within three minutes of your bath because some amount of hydration ...  Read Full »
Can I use Evion 400 for dry skin and hair?
Query: Hello doctor, My skin and hair have become very dry. Someone suggested taking Evion 400 capsules orally daily. Can you please suggest if I can take these capsules? Will they help in getting rid of dryness? Are there any side effects?  Read Full »
Dr. Meha Malhotra

Answer: Hi,Welcome to icliniq.com.Evion capsules will not help much with the dryness. For the skin, I suggest the following:Use a gentle soap like Dove or Cetaphil.Apply Venusia lotion twice a day over your body.For the hair, I suggest you try doing the following:Use any good conditioner.If you are using an...  Read Full »
I am having a condition of dry skin all over my body. What could it be?
Query: Hi doctor,I am having dry skin patches on my skin. They started about four weeks ago, and I first noticed them in my groin area. They are just dry, and they do not hurt or itch. Two weeks ago, I went to a pharmacy, and they suggested it could either be Pityriasis rosea, Pityriasis versicolor or psor...  Read Full »
Dr. Rakesh Kumar Bahunuthula

Answer: Hi, Welcome to icliniq.com. Your clinical images are more in favor of Pityriasis rosea (attachment removed to protect patient identity). It is an exanthem, secondary to viral infection, usually triggered by a sore throat. The good thing is that it needs only supportive management as the condition r...  Read Full »


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