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E-cigarettes, also known as electronic cigarette or vaporizer cigs, was marketed as an alternative to smokers to help quit smoking. But, it poses its own health risks as it contains nicotine extracted from tobacco. It has a flavored liquid that is vaporized on inhaling. It is not suitable for young people, especially those who have never smoked.

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Recently Answered Questions

Can you give me medical advise about the effects of vaping?
Query: Hello doctor, I am worried about the effects of vaping.  Read Full »
Dr. Muhammad M. Hanif Md.

Answer: Hello, Welcome to icliniq.com. I have reviewed your query and can understand how worried you are about your health. I understand you want an expert suggestion on vaping and how it affects our health. It looks like you are using e-cigarettes that may be a closed system which means they use their o...  Read Full »
Vaping E-Cigarettes, a Dangerous Addiction
Article Overview: A misconception among the adolescents and teenagers is that, e-cigarettes are alternative to conservative combustive tobacco smoking and they help in smoking cessation and controlling over the withdrawal effects of nicotine.  Read Article »
Dr. Muhammad M. Hanif Md.
Internal Medicine Physician

Electronic (e)-cigarettes (Electronic Nicotine delivery System - ENDS) vaping has gone almost double amongst the adolescents and teenagers, in a few years after the emergence of these new addictive nicotine delivering devices. So, it is an issue of massive impact concerned about the health of teenag ...  Read Article »
What to do for shortness of breath after vaping e-cigarette?
Query: Hi doctor, I am suffering from shortness of breath after vaping e-cigarette. I consulted doctors and they said my lungs are fine. I read on the internet that a lot of people suffering with the same. When I reduce my e-cigarette I feel better. Also, I had FESS surgery and SMR before two weeks. My c...  Read Full »
Dr. Muhammad M. Hanif Md.

Answer: Hi, Welcome to icliniq.com. I have carefully reviewed your case and can well establish the issues you are facing right now. Actually, the chemicals in e-cigarette are very dangerous for the lungs and airways. They cause narrowing of the small airways due to toxic effects caused directly by the vap...  Read Full »
Can any medicine cause tingling sensation of scalp?
Query: Hello doctor, I am experiencing tingling sensation of the scalp on left side of my head. The medications which I am taking are Zyprexa, Prozac Sonata, Neurontin, Tramadol and Metformin. Will any of these medications cause this tingling sensation?  Read Full »
Dr. Muhammad M. Hanif Md.

Answer: Hi, Welcome to icliniq.com. I want to assure you that everything is going to be fine soon. I have thoroughly gone through your case and can well understand your genuine concerns.  Read Full »
E-Cigarettes and Vaping: Are They Really Safe?
Article Overview: While e-cigarettes are being touted as healthier substitutes for tobacco smoking, their long-term health effects are still not clearly defined.  Read Article »
Dr. Ruth Agustin
General Medicine Physician

In recent years, companies selling electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) or vapes have proliferated. These companies are aggressively marketing their products as a better alternative to actual tobacco smoking, with focus on how e-cigarettes do not contain the harmful substances present in tobacco. Mi ...  Read Article »
How serious is a triple valve disease in a smoker?
Query: Hello doctor, I am a 42 year old male. I smoke 30 to 40 cigarettes per day. I was admitted into a hospital last week with chest pain and underwent angiography, which showed triple vessel disease. ECG was showing normal rhythm with no evidence of acute ischemic changes. Troponins were mildly elevat...  Read Full »
Dr. Amiya Kumar Chattopadhyay

Answer: Hi, Welcome to icliniq.com. After seeing your reports (attachment removed to protect patient identity), yes, three of your major vessels are affected. But, the seriousness depends on the percentage of the block and how narrow the vessels have become, which I cannot make out by looking at the photo. ...  Read Full »
How does Nicotex chewing gum help quit smoking?
Query: Hello doctor, How does Nicotex chewing gum help in quitting smoking?  Read Full »
Dr. Sandhya
General Practitioner

Answer: Hello, Welcome to icliniq.com. Nicotex chewing gums are often resorted to, these days, as a means to quit smoking. Nicotex chewing gums too contains a certain amount of nicotine just like cigarettes, but a level slightly less than them. Cigarettes contain around 4000 different chemical components i...  Read Full »


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